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  1. ADVICE: About to Buy Mopar OEM Steel Bumpers

    Well, I got stuck for the first time the other day on the trail. Thankful to the three other Jeepers who bailed me out. I had been putting off getting the winch and steel bumper, but now seems a good as ever. I like the OEM look. I know I can save money and probably get a better bumper, but...
  2. WTF Where are my AUX wires?!?!

    Been at this stupid dash cam for a couple hours. Got it all wired up front and back... Pull off the passenger kick plate and I don't see any aux wires?!?! Am I missing them? 2021 2 Door JL Rubicon with Tow package and AUX
  3. Blackvue Dash Camera With ACC and Safety Feature Mounting Option

    I just ordered the BlackVue DR900x 2-CH dash and rear camera. I know alot of you guys have this camera and have given it great reviews. However, I can not seem to locate any pictures of install locations with the ACC/Safety Package. Can you guys who have this set up post some pictures so when I...
  4. Black plastic peg - Help identify!!!

    Found this behind my passenger seat on the floorboard any ideas on what is is and where it came from? 2021 2 Door Rubicon. Thanks in advance!!!
  5. Windshield Replacement at Dealership

    Does anyone know if a Jeep dealership will replace the windshield using my auto insurance policy? Or do I have to use something like Safelite? My thought process was, if they do something wrong with it I'd much rather Jeep be responsible than trying to go through a third party to get it fixed...
  6. Florida ISO Front AND rear Rubicon Factory Steel Bumper

    Looking to buy your front AND rear factory steel bumpers. You need them out of your garage and I have cash for ya. They have to be in immaculate condition. Hit me up.
  7. Wire showing on passenger side of windshield

    I just noticed this plastic it looks like it's separated where this wire goes through. I imagine the wire is for the mirror and the safety package I have. Is this normal? It's going to the dealer already for a delamination issue. If it's not right, I wanted to get it addressed. Thanks.
  8. Florida 2 Door EZ Trunk, EZ Tailgate Table, and EZ Window

    I'm selling my EZ trunk for the 2 door JL. The trunk was only used for about one month. I love the trunk but I have a car seat in my back seat consistently and I'm just over removing it to fold down the trunk. Included are the EZ Tailgate Table and the EZ window. I never installed the tailgate...
  9. Topless MPG vs With Top On MPG

    Anyone else get approximately a 4 MPG difference with their top off? I know none of us bought a Jeep to save fuel, but going from 19-20 on the hwy to 15-16 is disheartening. Stock 2021 2 Door 6 speed Rubi
  10. JimmyZ's Snazzy Build

    Ordered 12/18/2020 Built 01/26/2021 Delivered and took delivery 3/16/2021 2021 2 Door JL Rubicon In the beautiful Snazzberry 6 Speed Premium Black Soft Top Leather Seats - Tan Cold Weather Package ( yes in Florida 🤣) Tow Package LED lighting package Premium Sound Package 8.4 Nav Safety...
  11. Cracked one week in

    Heard that God awful sound you never want to hear on a Wrangler... Then analyzed the windshield and sure enough one week in, she's cracked 🙄
  12. 2 Door Window Storage Technique

    So took delivery today of my new 2 Door Rubicon. I ordered the factory window storage bag. I was really disappointed when my sales rep advised the bag will not fit behind the rear seat. I tried to read the forums here for suggestions, but it seems like most conversations are about four door...
  13. EZ Trunk

    Got my 2 door JL EZ Trunk in the mail today. However, still waiting on my JL to be released from the 6 speed stop sale. I'll post a review when it is installed.
  14. Quadratec Presidents Day Sale

    10% off orders $300 or more. Man the guys at Quadratec are amazing. They price matched the Mopar Performance Rock Rails with BAM and applied an additional discount without hesitation. I love supporting a company who is great to deal with. Both items I ordered we're backordered, but I got the...
  15. Trim Remover Kit suggestions?

    Suggestions on a good trim removing kit?
  16. Center Console Safe: Tuffy vs Lock'er Down

    Trying to get feedback on Tuffy vs Lock'er Down center console safes. The tuffy is half the price, but is it as good?
  17. Quadratec third brake light ring Has anyone installed this and eliminated the factory third brake light? I'm looking for a plug and play ring option (don't want to splice or cut any factory wires) while eliminating the factory third brake light. I...
  18. How many use a screen protector on the display screen?

    How many use a screen protector to protect their infotainment screen? Why or why not? If you use one how have your results been? Durability? Links and pics are greatly appreciated! Thanks
  19. Stupid Question - Why did Jeep discontinue the padding on the roll bars?

    Stupid question, but the curiosity is killing me. Why did Jeep discontinue the padding on the roll bars?
  20. Florida 2 Door Mopar Performance Rock Rails

    Looking for Mopar part# 82215129AB Let me know. Will pay shipping if not local