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  1. Pennsylvania Sold: Tazer JL Mini - Unmarried, updated and ready to go

    Unmarried, updated to latest release. For 2018-2022 JL, JLU, Gladiator $230 Venmo Only - shipping included to CONUS only
  2. How many miles on your 2.0t?

    So I'm guessing that the "unproven" engine is doing OK. I love these folks thinking that one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world put all their bank on a bad engine! Meanwhile I hear of all kinds of issues with the "tried and true" minivan engine...
  3. How many miles on your 2.0t?

    Spot on.. I installed a Misimoto can 5k miles ago, here's what was in there at todays oil change. A half dozen off road trips with mud and deep water crossings.
  4. New Jersey Sold

    PM sent
  5. Absolutely HORRIBLE experience getting a JLU at a NJ Dealership. Need some advice

    The interaction should never be confrontational IMHO. When you walk in with attitude you are setting the stage for an inexperienced salesman to fight instead of defusing and setting you at ease. One idiot salesman is a poor reflection on the entire dealership. With any modern car it's...
  6. If FCA Said We Will BuyBack Your Jeep - What Would You Get?

    I did have a buyback with decent terms. Bought another but in Ocean Blue with a 1touch power top. Almost 30k miles of commuting and weekend wheeling, glad to have a "do over". Wife got one a few months ago and its also been great from day one.
  7. Windshield replacement coverage and calibrate ACC

    Yes, this is true, the "camera" is not attached to the windshield, it hangs from the top. There is also a plastic cover that is provided that snaps onto the "camera" to protect it when the windshield is down. Getting my windshield replaced next week, I'll figure it out..
  8. Ginell, comforser and other Chinese offbrand tires, are they any good for the price? Looking for m/t, offroad and daily driving use

    WOw, what is the actual price difference vs your life on the highway. due to a failure. CHinese have zero integrity when it comes to ANY product, why would tires be different? Spend the extra $400 for a set and get REAL tires, that'll last 40k+ and not kill you with hydroplaning, blowouts...
  9. UPR vs MISHIMOTO OIL Catch Can

    I'm guessing that UPR is not an option as I have a 2.0l. @Mishimoto - What is required to empty the can? I see there is no drain due to the volume issues causing CELs. Is the can accessible without removing the intake snorkle? Does the can unscrew from below or would you have to remove the top...
  10. DIY: Add USB Port into Upper Dash Tray

    To be honest, it was a pita to get the cigar lighter out.. Thought it would just snap out but it was a weird setup with a light for the surround that wasn't obvious how it was assembled. I had to Dremel cut the clear plastic bracket, I had to slightly enlarge the hole to fit the USB. The end...
  11. best oil filter for 2.0 turbo?

    I'll that meets specs and a Wix filter
  12. Thoughts on aftermarket Diff Covers?

    Metalcloak for me.. Doing the rear next.
  13. Unleaded Gas question for 2.0L engine

    Agreed, just wanted to post the current manual page!
  14. Unleaded Gas question for 2.0L engine

    This is an old manual.. FCA updated and my 2018 came with a note in the glove box stating that 87 is required but 91 for maximum performance.
  15. Used Cooltech CB bracket to mount GMRS external antenna

    Actually the Midland is a native 3/8" hole with a plastic ring to adapt it to 3/4" (I think) I re-used the plastic adapter from the CoolTech that dropped the 1/2" bracket hole down to the required 3/8" for the MXTA24. NOTE: That large threaded base piece is threaded onto the center connector...
  16. Used Cooltech CB bracket to mount GMRS external antenna

    CB kinda sucks where I run so I've switched to GMRS radios. The bracket worked perfectly with the Midland NMO base. Kept the CB wire and the CB installed. Can swap in 5mins.
  17. Mopar LCA Question

    I totally agree, I had a jlur that wandered like a '65 Econoline van with a bad steering box.. It sucked! Lucky for me the electrical system went bat shot crazy at 22days and FCA bought it back. My "redo" is a '19 and the wife has a '20 that are both very well behaved and track true and...
  18. Re-Opening Of Rausch Creek

    We were there on Friday and was expecting lines. There was only a couple of trailers and the lot was basically empty at 9:00, our group left and only saw two groups on the trails. It was raining a little bit but it was a great day out!
  19. Sky one roof - removing side windows?

    You're right, it's odd how they fit in the bag and I have to remind myself each time I stow them but once your remember, it's really easy (I keep saying I'll print a reminder and hang it in the garage, but I never do.) I't also easier if you do it laying down on a flat surface. Without...
  20. Do you have a dash cam on your wrangler ? How do you arrange the wire?

    Sorry, yes.. THere a number of different styles, got them here I'm running a front and rear seperatly on the same power switch, it was too much trouble to run a lower resolution rear camera so I just installed two...