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  1. Best value winch?

    It functions still although the clutch is getting a little harder to turn. The bumper is not plastic. It’s a Rugged Ridge Venator.
  2. Best value winch?

    You would think. Just sunny SW Florida.
  3. Let's talk winches folks

    You have probably already purchased a winch since your post. I sure hope it wasn’t an X-bull because I made the mistake of going cheap and within 2 months of ownership my clutch started corroding and X-bulls customer service is non existent.
  4. Best value winch?

    I cannot with a clear conscience recommend X-bull winches to my fellow jeepers. Their customer service is non existence and here is what happened to my clutch within 2 months of ownership.
  5. Tips for removing windshield wipers?

    Your trick worked like a charm after trying to use Brutane strength for the past 10 minutes. Sadly to say I felt like I was giving the windshield wiper a hand job but it freaking worked and came off so easy.
  6. JL Rubicon on Method Wheels...let's see em!

    Are these titanium or matte black 309s?
  7. Sting Gray Owners w/ aftermarket wheels please post pics

    Look like Icon Rebound in bronze
  8. Florida Roll Call!

    Looking for recommendations on reputable 4x4 shop in SW Florida to do a gear swap. Wanting to swap to 4.88 gears. Any recs appreciated.
  9. XTREME RECON Edition JL Club Thread

    Backspacing 4.4 Offset +12 Diameter 17 Width 8 Weight 41 lb.
  10. Tracking 2022 Lakeland Dodge Florida Orders.

    I sent an email to Mike to get a build quote going but haven’t heard back. Any other way to reach him.
  11. Tracking 2022 Lakeland Dodge Florida Orders.

    Who is the contact person? 6% under invoice? TIA.
  12. Florida Sold: Mopar Premium Twill Soft Top for 4 door unlimited JL Wrangler, $900

    Lightly used premium twill soft top. No creases, scratches, or dents in the tinted windows. I have all the mounting hardware in labeled ziplocks and the directions. No damage to the top at all. I can send specific pictures upon request. I live in SW Florida, Punta Gorda, and can meet within...
  13. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    That looks like the factory Mopar soft top.
  14. Significance of Wheel Weight

    -18 offset would sit out too far for my liking
  15. Significance of Wheel Weight

    Hey Rob. The wheels were right in line. I did not want all that poke and then the spray from the tires constantly hitting the side of my Jeep.
  16. Florida Bestop Premium Twill Sunrider for JL or JT

    Thanks for the clarification. I've already got running boards.
  17. Florida Bestop Premium Twill Sunrider for JL or JT

    Let me know. It's still available.