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  1. Tires on a wrangler Willys

    I honestly would have thought/wished the tires would be the other way around. The Firestones are one of the worst tires on and off road after you put some miles on them. They do not have a good reputation either. The BFG's are more expensive, get better reviews and are highly regarded in the...
  2. Soft top protection?

    If its already faded, 303 protectent will not bring the color back. It is not designed to do that. From my experience, once fenders fade it is near impossible to apply any miracle salve that promises to restore the color. Mothers Back to Black gets "okay" reviews. Most will only make it look...
  3. 2022 Sarge green rubicon XR finally arrived!!

    Stock/factory wheel and tire group on the XR package. Nice Jeep, I love the green. KevinC
  4. Dealership listed on FCA AffiliateRewards but would not honor at time of sale

    You live in Florida. Hopefully you did your research on Jeep forums and other websites before making purchase. Had you - you would know that Lakeland CJDR is the only dealership in Florida that will get you a painless deal on orders. I paid 10% under MSRP, used my Affiliate rewards program, got...
  5. demon grille w/blue star DRL

    The Jeep grill is what defines us as a community and the iconic design should never be altered. Changing the grill is not consider a modification. Leave it alone. KevinC
  6. Biggest Tires / Biggest Lift With No Future Regearing?

    Yes. 33", no lift. BFG All Terrain KO/2 LT 285-70-17 This is what comes stock on Rubicons and the 392 w/ Bead lock capable wheels as you see in my photo. The BFG's are probably a little lighter than the stock Firestone's on the Willys. This is help keep you in the factory power band and MPG's...
  7. Biggest Tires / Biggest Lift With No Future Regearing?

    A stock Willys with 2.0L/Auto and 3.45 gears come with 32" tires. You can run Rubicon take-offs (33") tires (or any 33" tire) and not have to change anything. The tire height difference between the two are minimal. Tire weight can have an adverse effect that you may not have accounted for too...
  8. Willys XR not much less than a Rubicon.

    Another 5+ page thread with good information and misinformation. What it comes down to... The XR package is the best value you can purchase. You cannot get what the XR is offering aftermarket for $4K. The 4.56 gears alone is worth it. 35" tires and proper wheels soon will cost $4K the way our...
  9. Top mistakes since buying your Jeep

    Right there with you. It never fails in the summer time to be out and see a cloud pop up out of nowhere. You may think you have time to out run it. Nope. KevinC
  10. Order Pickup: Checklist

    JL Delivery Checklist | Jeep Wrangler Forums (JL / JLU) - Rubicon, Sahara, Sport, 4xe, 392 - If you don't want to read through 29 pages, the very first post will get you right. KevinC
  11. JLU LED Group Headlights - Can they be turned off??

    I think after 4 years, they have figured it out by now. KevinC
  12. New 2022 Willys 2 dr tires

    You actually brought home a 2022 Jeep Willys, not a Willys Sport. The Firestone's are only going to get worse over time. As they wear and if not rotated often, they will cup and really make some noise. Bite the bullet now while you can still get decent money for them and sell. Buy some...
  13. Florida Off Road Tag

    Picked mine up yesterday. Lake County, Eustis location. I didn't pre-order and they said there would be limited numbers available for walk-ins for the first few months. I didn't even ask for them to look through the stack and pick one out that the 5 characters made some sort of sense. I just...
  14. 2022 Wrangler Rubicon - Identify part and reason? Factory error?

    It is part of the 2023 mid-cycle refresh everyone on here is so worked up over. Here you go. KevinC
  15. New wheels and TPMS

    Wheel sensors are hard to find right now for current (post June 21) JL's. Why wouldn't you reuse the ones you have? KevinC
  16. Driving on the Beach

    As mentioned earlier, St. Augustine is close to you and has a 4x4 only beach that is pretty long. Sometimes the sand can get soft/thick and momentum is required to keep going. Most of the beach is one-way only, so be aware and obey that rule. As also mentioned, there are many good local beach...
  17. Am I crazy - Selling JLUR for a LJ???

    This post is all you need to make your decision. Both transmissions in the older TJ/LJ have issues. The sensors have issues. Regardless of what condition you may find a used LJ, it is going to require a lot of maintenance to keep it reliable. It wouldn't be a hard choice for me. KevinC
  18. 2022 JLR Build

    I'm really interested in how you placed the chap stick in the cup holder. Mine doesn't seem to work in that location. Got any pics? KevinC
  19. 2022 Jeep Wrangler Xtreme Recon 35-Inch Tire Package

    You might want to do a little more research in what the XR package gives you for the price and reconsider. Adding bigger tires and a lift is not even going to get you close to what the XR gives you. KevinC
  20. New member just picked up new Diesel Gladiator

    A lot of us on these forums own more than one Jeep. I have a 22 JLUW and a 20 JTR, it is not hard to post on the wrong forum. Congratulations on a great Jeep. The Rubicon Fox shocks are a good shock. KevinC