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  1. January 16th trail

    Anyone hitting any trails this Sunday? SoCal area
  2. Grim Arb Mount. Inner fender problems

    I just had my arb dual compressor installed under my front fender. The fender liner is now loose and making noise over 50mph. I cant figure out a way to stop it. Has anyone had this problem? I only have 10k on the jeep, but both liners are pretty worn. Considering new ones. Do you know what...
  3. California 67 design magnetic pad..

    I have a single 67 magnetic pad in my Jeep. My phone had the metal magnetic strip on the back of it. I bought a new phone and now I need a need a new strip. Can I get one elsewhere? I can’t find it.
  4. Burns Canyon or Rattlesnake Canyon to big bear Saturday 12/2

    Me and my family are heading up burns or rattlesnake this Saturday morning. Would anyone like to join? They’re easy trails, but with the recent snow we don’t know what to expect.
  5. Trails to go on 1/14/2021

    I'm headed to the Reno area next month. Looking to do some moderate day trip trails while I'm in the area. I have a pretty stock JLUR. Open to any suggestions.
  6. Rattlesnake Canyon to Big Bear 11/7/20

    I'm thinking about running this tomorrow. Stock JLUR Has anyone ran this trail before? What are your thoughts on running it if it's slightly snowing? Anyone interested in joining?
  7. JLUR Rear Storage Ideas

    First jeep purchased 60 days ago. I immediately took it to Ouray to do some camping and trails with my wife and 6 year old. The back was completely full as well as the two remaining back seats. I'm leaving for my next trip one week from today. The goal is to pack everything in the back cargo...