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  1. Any regular B-20 users?

    we use conversational diesel in our dairy farming operation. Likewise, I use the same in my Jeep. Had said that, we have been considering biodiesel. Yet we are not done reviewing our equipment to see if we are going to have problems moving forward. Thus, no every manufacture recommends...
  2. Anyone with a Dynatrac 80 in the rear of a diesel?

    Good. Because they are a witch to find. A lot of places say they have them. Then they do an inventory check and don’t have any in stock.
  3. Anyone with a Dynatrac 80 in the rear of a diesel?

    Mine won’t be done until July/August. I finally got my tires. That being said, if you don’t have your tires yet… you had better start working on getting them. I played hell getting mine. Give you an idea how big they are.
  4. Aux Fuel Tank?

    A rear tank like the Genright gas tank and move the Def tank to the left side where the factory fuel tank location is. That is the idea bouncing in my mind. Yet I would love to hear from someone smarter than me a point out the flaws in this idea.
  5. 2021 JLUR Diesel Build (10 years+)

    How do you like your skids so far? Was the installation straight forward? Have you put Them to use yet? If so, how are they holding up with the UHMW option?
  6. Diesel Windshield Washer Reservoir Relocation

    Just as a heads up, anyone looking to doing the US Plastic tank mod, the 2qt tank with the 24v motor is available as of 11:40am today. I got one ordered for my build and wanted to share the information.
  7. 2020 JLU Diesel DEF Tank

    There is/was one person from Texas that relocated his DEF tank. I messaged them asking for pictures as to how/what he did to relocate it. Unfortunately, they never responded. That being said, and after crawling under mine to figure out how to relocate it, I think it can be raised up 2-3...
  8. Regear for Ecodiesel - What Ratio

    Been a while since I’ve been on here. And I leaned we went up instead of down on our gear ratio. 4.88’s is what we got. Somehow I screwed up. Anyhow, being that the 42’s we ordered will probably never show up and I am tired of this build, we got our hands on Toyo 40’s. So hopefully in the...
  9. Genesis Battery for 3.0L

    Good to hear/know. I’m sure there is a bunch of us eagerly waiting. I know I am.
  10. Regear for Ecodiesel - What Ratio

    Since my post on here, I learned that we ordered 4.88’s. Not sure what happened. Anyhow, we finally got our hands on five 40x15.50R20 Toyo’s. So as soon as they get in, and the shop is cleared of its current project, we can finally (2 years later) get this Jeep built. Now as for the 40’s and...
  11. Jeep won’t start after brand new battery

    Interesting post. I have a 2020 with the 3.0 and I am experiencing a very similar behavior. Now I’m curious as to if I disable the AUX battery, as previously mentioned, if my Jeep will start. Because changing the main battery did not solve the problem.
  12. Exhaust Pipe O.D. I.D (size)??

    Themistocles did a better job in showing and explaining than I could have done.
  13. Exhaust Pipe O.D. I.D (size)??

    I removed my muffler and there is an extremely faint difference in the sound. Yet I did not do it for the sound. I did it to get that big block of steel from out from underneath her ass end. Now I want to raise up the DEF tank for a little more ground clearance. And hopefully it will make...
  14. disposing of expired DEF?

    supposable it expires. And I don’t truly understand how or why. It’s water and fertilizer. As to is it better to run the tank low or put a jug in as needed, I have no clue. I’ve done both and probably don’t drive enough to see difference.
  15. Regear for Ecodiesel - What Ratio

    That’s what I have been thinking. Yet I have heard of people in my home town running Bias Ply and they were happy. So I figure I would revisit my curiosity on here. Thank you for your input.
  16. Regear for Ecodiesel - What Ratio

    I wish Goodyear was an option. Unfortunately, they will not work because we are going to run 20” Trail Ready Beadlocks. They are black wheel with red world series rings.
  17. Regear for Ecodiesel - What Ratio

    5.13’s was our original plan. Then there was concern that it wasn’t going to be low enough. So we switched the gearing to 5.38’s before Dynatrac built the axles. Which, to my understanding, is going to be too low for 42’s. So that is why I asked the question/opinion on the Bias Ply.
  18. Regear for Ecodiesel - What Ratio

    Well, I’m still waiting on tires for my build. So I still have no idea how 42’s are going to work with 5.38’s. Yet I have an off topic question, what are some opinions on bias ply tires? Maybe going 43’s or 44’s could be an option for my build.
  19. disposing of expired DEF?

    Farm fertilizer. Be creative. LOL!
  20. Serious question about bumpers

    Stock steel bumper, Warn Zeon 12S, ARB Lights and it works just fine with 35’s and no lift. I would even go as far as saying you could do 37’s and no, or a small, lift and still be fine. But if you are going to do a big lift, axles and +40’s, then it is possibly going to be a clearance problem.