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  1. Bestop four week wait for parts on a new top

    I received the part earlier than expected, thanks for any help you provided Lee @Bestop! I don't think that came from the original phone call because they didn't get my email address and I did receive emails from FedEx when it was out for shipping. If there still is a pending request from the...
  2. Bestop four week wait for parts on a new top

    Thanks for the response and thanks for being part of this forum. It's been more than four weeks since the phone call, and I was not provided a ticket number at that time. If it does arrive soon I will contact again to cancel the second try. Ticket number for the email is 83190, and any info on...
  3. Bestop four week wait for parts on a new top

    Just want to vent a bit of frustration. I am sure Bestop is busy, but this is crazy. I bought a Trektop almost two months ago and was excited to finally have a soft top on the Jeep. But after the package arrived and I finally had time to open it and start assembling, two of the large frame...
  4. Oregon, Washington, & PNW Beginner Trails & Tips

    There are a ton of great trails around here, from easy to crazy, although most tend more toward the easier range. I'm at the foothills of Mt Rainier and have only hit a small percentage of the trails around even just this area. If you're on Facebook, search up the NW Bone Stock Jeep Club -...
  5. Skid plates

    The only one I've added to my Rubi so far is the Rancho front skid plate: That one is for the Dana 44 that (I believe, but someone will correct me if I'm wrong) you would have in a Sport if you got...
  6. Giveaway of the Month - April 2020 - Combination Full Width Rear Bumper and SportGate Tire Carrier

    Tiki says his Jeep needs a new rear bumper. This old plastic thing doesn't suit his style.
  7. Jeep Lift Kit and Fox Shocks Giveaway!

    Area 51 needs a little more clearance to take on the aliens and a little more height to see them before they see her.
  8. Northridge4x4's Giveaway Gladiator Build!

    And I'm in. Definitely needs a lift and at least 37s. That breakover and departure angle need all the help they can get.
  9. I need a bumper but cant make up my mind...Help!

    Yes, they're stock with the LED package.
  10. Northridge4x4's Giveaway Gladiator Build!

    Entered. Don't forget some good half doors for those of us whose wives won't let the kids ride without at least something there.
  11. I need a bumper but cant make up my mind...Help!

    I went with Rock Slide Engineering and a Smittybilt winch. With the winch on sale it was under $1500 total. Factory fogs fit, and with a Sport your fenders will fit tighter to it than they do with the Rubi fenders.
  12. 35" Tire Upgrade

    I've been running exactly that (315/70/17 on stock wheels) from the start. It's just right.
  13. Factor 55...Flatlink vs Flatlink Expert vs Ultrahook

    I went with the standard flat link, it tucks nicely behind my license plate mount. I've used it on factory tow hooks and it just takes an extra shackle. Probably more convenient to have the E, but in some ways I'd rather have the extra shackle to keep the rope a couple inches farther from the...
  14. Hill descent control

    Used mine on trail once - a steep downhill with a number of obstacles all the way down. It was perfect for that because I could focus on the line rather than the speed. I don't use it on smooth descents when speed is more important than lines.
  15. Are the JL/JLU's pre-lifted?

    On my JLUR I put on 315/70/17, actually measured them at 34" and just shy of 12.5", on stock wheels. No rubbing at all.
  16. VIAIR Portable wont latch

    I've used it a half dozen times after trail runs so far, it does well. I aired down 34" tires (315/70/17 KO2s) to 12-14 psi, and it took less than 5 minutes per tire to get back up to about 32 psi. No overheating, although the compressor definitely got hot to the touch. After a few uses the...
  17. ProComp wiring with factory Aux switches

    Wired directly to the aux switch only, works perfectly. And the lights are great. I live in a rural area and drive at O-dark-thirty all the time. These lights are perfect for letting me see the deer before it’s too late. They’re much better even that the OEM LED high beams. I keep forgetting...
  18. Apps not available

    Got my Jeep Wave done on Friday the 13th. They said that there was an update and required reflash. They did that, but I still don't have my Off Road Pages back yet.
  19. Apps not available

    My offroad pages (2019 JLUR) vanished last week and haven't come back. Heading back to the dealer for a Wave service, I'll see if they'll reflash to reset it. has anyone else lost offroad pages (that had them before)?
  20. Giveaway & Sale: Hothead Headliner For JL / JLU!

    Thanks for the opportunity - would absolutely love to add HotHead Headliners to Area 51.