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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed my baja designs lights.
  2. engine feedback in aftermarket speakers. Help!

    Factory deck 8.4. installed the following - Focal 6.9 amp. Focal utopia front speakers. 2 JL sub boxes. when volume is really low i can hear slight hum/whistle from front speakers that gets louder/higher pitched when RPMs go up. Any ideas?
  3. Installed stealthbox need help with interior trim.

    So I had the factory alpine sub. I've replaced with 2 JL stealthboxes. The trim on the drive side is fine. The trim on the passenger side is a problem. I need the plastic trim piece (may be more than one part not sure) part numbers from Mopar. I went to dealer and they dont know chit...
  4. Will JL lugnuts fit on a 04 TJ?

    want to install my JL locking nuts on my LJ. Will this work?
  5. Painting hardtop?

    I didnt even think of that. Thanks!! How long do raps last?
  6. Painting hardtop?

    Has anyone ever had their hardtop painted? Whats the typical cost of something like that?
  7. Would you let your 16 year old have a Jeep?

    Picked this up while mistakenly looking at Craigslist while in LA. I'm in MN. 33" tires and 4" lift. Daughter wants a jeep and I want a jeep buddy to go out riding with. No worries about her driving it. I hope it doesnt get damaged and her hurt but she needs a car so why not a jeep?
  8. LJ forums - What are the good ones?

    So I have a 2019 JLUR and love it. I have many posts here proving it. I made the mistake of checking Craigslist while in LA and, well... ended up buying a 04 LJ! 58K miles, 4' lift eaton lockers, 4.56 gears 33" tires ZERO RUST for 14K. Now Im looking for a good LJ forum. Any ideas? My...
  9. Check your insurance coverage/contract

    Thanks OP for this post. I emailed my agent to verify my coverage. would hate to damage the Jeep only to find out it is not covered. YIKES!
  10. Mounting BajaDesigns to bull bar

    Calling out @BajaDesigns or anyone whose done this. I have 2 LP9's :) that I want to mount to my bull bar on my stock metal bumper. I'm looking for sugestions or better yet links to clamps that can be used to do this. The mounting brackets that come with the lights are beefy but I'm not sure...

    Did you contest charges with paypal. I to am not going to rip apart my hood liner for photos
  12. Question about SEMA 2020

    Sign me up. I easlily have the nicest jeep here :) :) I have both the hardtop and soft top. Since this picture was taken I've added Full arctic skids powder coated red as well as other Metalcloak armor also painted red. Plus metal cloak pumpkins that will be painted blue with the M painted...
  13. Question about SEMA 2020

    Every Man should go to SEMA once in their life. If you love cars and gadgets in general SEMA is the Meca!!
  14. Question about SEMA 2020

    If you REALLY wanted to go here's how to do it: 1) Start a auto business. Like a detailing service or something. Get a tax ID (I believe thats what they ask for). You dont need to show revenue, just that you have an auto business. 2) Create a website for the business. 3) Get business cards...
  15. Baja Designs - Black Friday *Cash Back* Rebates!

    Does anyone have the rebate form? their website is down and I cannot print it.
  16. EZTrunk looks interesting

    Manufacture emailed me back. The Logo WILL NOT be that size. That was just Photoshoped onto it so people would remember the name.
  17. EZTrunk looks interesting

    If dat tire were an ass, I'd hit it!! :)

    Who should i email directly?