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  1. Black Rhino Wheel lugnut question

    I am looking at Black Rhino Arsenal or Barstow wheels for my Bikini Willys and need to know if the stock lugnuts will work or which ones will be required? Thanks
  2. Bestop Rebate FAIL!

    I just got a big surprise from @Bestop in the mail today. I purchased a Bestop Sunrider top from @Northridge4x4 using a Northridge promo code saving maybe $60. I submitted all proper forms and data for my $200 rebate. After months of waiting I got a letter in the mail denying my rebate because...
  3. Sold: WTB Rubicon third brake light mount trim

    Before I spend $80 on a third brake light relocation kit I want to see if anyone has the back trim piece for a rubicon tire carrier. I bought a take off carrier not knowing the third light trim was different. If anyone has one I could sure use it. Thanks
  4. WTB Bikini Pearl grille

    If anyone is changing out their bikini pearl grille I would be interested.
  5. LED front turns only?

    I just purchased a set of Rubicon flares with LEDs for my 2020 Willys. Before I pull the trigger on the Tazer to enable the LEDs, I need to know if I have to also replace the rear tail lights too, or can I enable only the front ones. I do plan on getting the rear LED's, but I am waiting for a...
  6. Iowa WTT Rear Steel bumber

    I just bought front and rear Rubicon steel take off bumpers and the rear has sensor holes. Looking to trade for one without the holes. My daughter lives in Sioux Falls and I live close to Omaha if someone close wants to trade.