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  1. Happy Victoria Day Weekend. Eh!

    Looks like summer finally arrived! Woohoo! Happy Victoria Day Weekend to all the Canadians on here!
  2. Screen stuck on “Loading Navigation”

    I noticed my screen had been rebooting quite often over the past few weeks. Today, it got totally stuck on “Loading Navigation”. I tried the Uconnect4 reset procedure posted above (hold the VR + phone buttons down for 30 seconds, turn off the engine, etc.); I also tried the GPS recalibration...
  3. Vintage-inspired Jeep accents

    One of the awesome things about owning a brand with a rich history like Jeep's is that we have 80+ years to draw from for inspiration. After the many compliments I got for the white CJ Retro wheels I had on my Sahara, I recently got these custom made center wheel cap decals for my black...
  4. Dennis Collins's million dollar Jeep collection

    I love watching Dennis Collins talk about old Jeeps. He knows every single detail.
  5. Question for the experts - how to clean white residue on lug nuts?

    I got these black anodized lug nuts. The ones holding the spare get sprayed with rain, slush, salt and grime. They are looking like this now. They are barely 1 year old. Any idea how to clean all this white gunk? Or are they done... Thanks!
  6. Bronco makes Car and Driver’s 10Best

    I just got the Car and Driver 10Best issue. Their Bronco coverage reads like a Ford press release. A triumph of smart ideas, clever engineering, and good timing. It's no wonder people are crazy about it. For decades, Jeep Wrangler buyers have settled for less because that's just the way...
  7. Insane Jeep recovery on Suicide Road

    This is the most insane recovery I’ve ever seen
  8. Recommended gearing for Sahara V6 with 3.45 gears on 35s with a rear D44

    This week I tried to downsize from 35s to 33s to restore some of the original driveability, regain use of all gears on the 8-speed automatic, and recover from the paltry 13 MPG I’m getting now back up to the high teens. I recalibrated the speedo using a Tazer: the Jeep drives fine but the auto...
  9. Started getting a Blue Screen

    My Jeep is 2 years old; was built 3 years ago. It has 8,200 miles and the 8.4 screen. It got new main and auxiliary batteries four months ago. This week I started getting a blue screen when backing up; it stays on for several minutes, even after I engage into D and start driving forward...
  10. MPG questions for V6 eTorque owners

    Hey guys, Questions for those who own a V6 eTorque: What kind of MPG numbers are you seeing... on the stock 32/33-inch tires? on 35-inch tires? I am still weighing keeping my Sahara V6 with 13 MPG vs ordering a 2022. I keep going back-and-forth between a diesel and a V6 eTorque. I'd like...
  11. Which powertrain would you get?

    To make a long story short, Vroom is now offering for my 2018 Sahara with 8,000 miles $3,000 more than it did back in June. I am seriously tempted to sell it and order a 2022. I am looking at a fully-loaded Sahara in Sarge green with Saddle leather and automatic transmission. But I keep going...
  12. Unhappy with MPG - looking for ideas

    I realize no one confuses a Jeep Wrangler for a Prius, but I’ve been getting only 11-13 MPG lately. My Jeep is a 2018 Sahara with 8,000 miles on the odometer. It has the V6, 8-speed auto, Selec-Trac. I added a Mopar lift, 35-inch ATs, a Mopar steel bumper and a Quadratec Stealth-10 winch...
  13. Waiting around

    Brought my Fiat 124 Spider in for service, and went for a walk of the lot. This dealer has lots of Wranglers and Gladiators in stock. Everything that is body-on-frame, or has a HEMI, has a price markup. Here are some snapshots. Rubicon in Gecko Fully loaded Sahara 4Xe: MSRP $60,000...
  14. I never thought I’d say this

    ...but I’m glad fall is around the corner. This summer was brutal. We got no rain for 3 or 4 months here in the PNW. We had two tough heat waves; the wildfires kept everyone on edge, and the smoke made the air unbreathable It started to rain again. We’ve had 2 rainy days in the past week...
  15. The first Unlimited

    Photo: Instagram @1941life
  16. Bronco features you would like Jeep to incorporate into Wrangler during JL's mid-cycle redesign

    Everyone keeps saying "competition is good!", which I agree with for the most part. Since we've had a chance to virtually see the new Bronco ad-nausea, what... Features would you want Jeep to INCORPORATE Features would you want Jeep to AVOID I will start: Features to INCORPORATE I am very...
  17. Is Bronco worth the wait?

    In its latest video, TFL says Bronco is great but not worth the wait and the hassle with Ford dealers. Lease a Wrangler 4Xe or get a used FJ Cruiser instead. Ford’s production issues are a big deal and seem to be getting worse. I am glad to see TFL say it as it is, albeit in a respectful...
  18. 4XE on Trail by TFL: How Far Can it Manage on Electricity Alone

    TFL shows how 4Xe does on the trail. This is the most realistic demonstration I have seen of 4Xe up to now. It didn't go very far on pure electricity. But it looked pretty cool wheeling in absolute silence.
  19. One of the drawbacks of 37-inch tires that you can't do this Instagram Photo: @1941life
  20. Can your rooftop tent do this?

    This rooftop tent appeared in 1970. It doubles as a rooftop tent, a carrier and a boat! Can your fancy schmanzy rooftop tent do all of that...?