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  1. Blue Water 4X4 Show

    Will be consolidating all new sponsors and donors onto the FB group! Okoboji Jeep Club | Facebook
  2. Blue Water 4X4 Show

    Our event logo! =AZU9qS3K0DjiTI1PPa7XUKyXVtTm5XWFNMqBuCeXoqJCNrTL_xzh16jy27rEbT6-aecmn8JolQ01BbnlCW-BNnsPiqepChItde2b09btwOj8Gg8gEO4AmzIfOvc-NnI6yRdBmDk9XP49xL4dD_JRNk3sTRpx8dMf6__o2xxqa06iyKmPSkiL89uV9ubJ9kvLIvQ&__tn__=-]K-R']Danae DeWit did a fantastic job!
  3. Blue Water 4X4 Show

    KINETIC ROPE fans: There will be 2 of the following ropes available in the General Raffle at the Blue Water 4X4 Show this Summer! If you follow Matts Off Road Towing or many other online recovery companies, you are probably familiar with the advantages of using a Kinetic Rope vs. a tow strap...
  4. Blue Water 4X4 Show

    I know my daughter will disappear after her shift helping at the 4X4 Show. A great thank you for her helping us raise money for the...
  5. Blue Water 4X4 Show

    One of the many reasons to attend the Blue Water 4x4 Show, family fun! We will have several passes to the park that will be on the general raffle...
  6. Blue Water 4X4 Show

    Heritage Financial Services has joined the Blue Water 4x4 Show as a Silverton level donor! Thanks so much Tom!
  7. Blue Water 4X4 Show

    For the TATTOO & PIERCING fans out there, who will be at the Blue Water 4X4 Show, here is the short version: I went in for my latest Endorphin rush and came out with some new art & a donation of 2, $100.00 gift certificates from the Ladies @PaintedLadiesTattsnPiercing (Painted Ladies Tattoo and...
  8. Blue Water 4X4 Show

    A big shoutout goes to =AZWYsB-dPvks3u_ZxQiV-mndWmNsNJEUJ2vuludzatnSOzx3L7WzMM-aPW-Ka-X_7r9ImBP6bcx4eZnE010TAwxgN9e7rkDNbhYcjLy4aPybWZUWf3pCUfqztKdBi02fYCUmPPkPwFgrFH-WDH-t2VfW&__tn__=kK-R']RHINO USA, our newest National Sponsor, who has signed on with the following gift pack for the raffle...
  9. Blue Water 4X4 Show

    Shout out to Arnold Motor Supply in Milford for the donation of a wash bucket with product. Thanks!!
  10. Blue Water 4X4 Show

    Thanks to Steve Drenkow for the donation of a Jeep create. That makes 2 chances to win this wonderful wood box!
  11. Blue Water 4X4 Show

    Bug Masters has joined the Blue Water 4x4 Show as a Rubicon level donor! Thank you, Zach, for your support!
  12. Blue Water 4X4 Show

    An additional THANK YOU has to go out to @BULLETPOINTMountingSolutions for increasing their donation! In addition to the: Black Laser Engraved Utility Knife, Bulletpoint Rubber Patch, Size XL T-Shirt, Blue Knit Hat, Embroidered Keychain and the Double Walled Stainless-Steel Tumbler - They also...
  13. Blue Water 4X4 Show

    We’ve added another great prize to the Blue Water 4x4 show. =AZVvvKtJ86jfjAF7BIgjySizwclp4QU93-_sL7kXOCI0If9lBJO3oKtyXz3e5Ef4VTrEWwEs2Du69umIIKvCXMOPAuRghBcpGiaw8c378RHRkL5wbdeKuxtejSHfFsLuQbs4m_Mhar2bB6xeA1j1FUaQ32RvKEHsiGsRjpRLO-6LPb2pXtNvsGntssRR_xcZGxI&__tn__=-]K*F']Patrick Kenaley has...
  14. Blue Water 4X4 Show

    I would like to WELCOME another National Sponsor on board for our "Blue Water 4X4 Show". A big THANK YOU goes out to the team at @BULLETPOINT Mounting Solutions for their donation to our fundraising event for the Siouxland Soldiers! I contacted these folks because of how satisfied I was when I...
  15. I was that guy today - See what the JP showed me after about 1.5 minutes of turn signal flashing!

    Bah, I live on dirt with half doors and run bikini 7 months of the year. That little bit of dust is nothing. ;)
  16. I was that guy today - See what the JP showed me after about 1.5 minutes of turn signal flashing!

    Nope. Chalk test is perfect. Rotate tires regularly. All good ;)
  17. Blue Water 4X4 Show

    A big thank you to Bomgaars in Spirit Lake for adding to their 1st donation of the Beefy 30 Ton Bottle Jack. Today the Store Manager committed to add a $50.00 Gift Certificate to sweeten the deal! This brings their donation up to approximately $150.00. Thank you so much for helping us raise...