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  1. What a good time we had! Trip up the Greek Mountains with fellow Jeepers

    Here's a short video of a trip up the Greek Mountains, with some fellow Jeepers. All the way north, on the Albanian Border. With lots of snow, unusual for the season in Greece. If anyone is interested, I could do a litte write up and post a few photos and some more footage.
  2. Rear LED worklights for RR HD Bumper

    Dear all, I just did this and thought it might interest others using the Rugged Ridge HD rear bumper. Wanted rear facing work lights without them being too flashy. Also, with the huge german license plate, space on the rear end is limited. These are cheap Hella worklights, mounted into the...
  3. Does it have to look like this?

    Dear fellow Jeepers, My front end has developed a slight noise when swaying, so I checked the sway bar links. The right hand side attachment tab on the axle looks like it's bent inside, the left hand side looks like slightly bent outside. I have a 2021 JLRU with a 3.5" JKS Lift. The sway bar...
  4. Do I have to wave myself?

    Dear fellow Jeepers, I used to see a Jeep at least once in a while. Now I'm riding around in my new Wrangler, ready and eager to wave, but since 3.000kms not a single Jeep eligible for a wave. There's been Threads about waving at Broncos: They don't even get imported to Europe. Wave at Land...
  5. New Jeep Owners' probably redundant questions

    Dear fellow Jeepers, first I like to thank all of you for the wealth of information you have brought together here. Before buying, and when planning the first modifications, I learned a lot browsing this forum. And still do, every time I need information. However, there are two questions I...
  6. Spare tire valve position

    Dear all, this may be a stupid question, but I will ask it anyway. The Manual states that:  To assure that spare tires, flat or inflated, are securely stowed, spares must be stowed with the valve stem facing the ground. Why? Thank you for your help!