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  1. Handle / lanyard / pull for rear window?

    I kind of like the hockey stick idea… but with a tennis ball on the end to avoid scratches.
  2. Asfir 4x4 oil pan/transmission skid installed

    Does this work with the factory front bumper skid plate in place?
  3. Florida JLUR Rock Rails $50

    JLUR rock rail take offs. No scuffs/scratches. Taken off at 3,500 miles. Includes hardware. $50 Must be willing to come close to Leesburg for pickup.
  4. Who's your free pass/exception?

    The wife wanted to play this game once. She said Taye Diggs, I said our 18-year-old babysitter. Needless to say, we never played the game again.

    I was going to say, if things get tight and you need some urea, just take a pi$$ in the DEF tank, lol.
  6. Factory Halogen to OEM LED Headlights Swap - What I Learned

    I believe it’s code LPX. Here are the install instructions. Most difficult part for me was hanging upside down in the front passenger seat trying to gain access to the wiring block so I could add the wire to...
  7. Mod Weight VS Range

    This see This seems like good info. Maybe we should be talking about this in the general forums. I can’t tell you how many people don’t look twice at the 4xe because “the extra weight of the battery is a no-go for me.”
  8. Show me your favorite 4xe mods...

    +1 for Jigglypuff!
  9. Mod Weight VS Range

    Lol, if you guys are getting 20 to 21 with all that gear, I’m now wondering why I see similar numbers without?!
  10. Mod Weight VS Range

    Awesome, thanks for the reply. I really don't think it's going to affect it THAT much, but I wanted to try and get a consensus from those with more experience before I pulled the trigger on the steps/winch. I'm purposely not lifting this one or adding the Fuel wheels and 35" Nittos like I did...
  11. Mod Weight VS Range

    Hi all, Love my 4xe so far. I swapped out the plastic bumpers for the Mopar steel front/rear set because they held up so well in a previous JL accident I had. I’m now considering adding the Smittybilt SRC sidesteps, a winch, and the Mopar grille guard/light bar. I know the steps are 80 pounds...
  12. California NEW Steel OEM Rubicon Front Bumper

    I didn't receive the PM.
  13. Utah OEM JL Steel front bumper with LED fog lights $750 obo

    I recently bought a steel rear bumper from someone just north of Salt Lake City. After the seller boxed it up, he sent me the dimensions and weight and I sent him a FedEx label (since I have a FedEx account). He Saran wrapped everything and used Lowe’s shipping boxes to Construct a long box for...
  14. Utah OEM JL Steel front bumper with LED fog lights $750 obo

    Hi there, did you ever sell this? Would you consider shipping?
  15. California NEW Steel OEM Rubicon Front Bumper

    If you ever consider shipping, please message me. Thanks.
  16. My Rubicon was totaled by an uninsured/unlicensed driver. What to try next? (dashcam video included)

    If it’s an Au Pair you’ll probably be okay. Those aren’t cheap and BMWs aren’t necessarily cheap, so hopefully they’ll have decent insurance. I’m just glad you guys are okay. I hate hearing kids cry in pain. Those videos are some pretty powerful stuff.
  17. My Rubicon was totaled by an uninsured/unlicensed driver. What to try next? (dashcam video included)

    Which Dashcam system do you have? I’m thinking about ordering one (two).
  18. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Vendors don’t always roll the cost of “free” shipping into the product price. Sometimes we use the cost of shipping as a loss leader to drive sales.
  19. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Another thing you can try is to reach out to the company directly to confirm shipping costs. I can tell you from our experience that every so often the shipping module on our site won’t work correctly. Many times it’s to our detriment. However, if you reach out the the company not only can they...
  20. Mopar Introduces New Home Plug-in Wall Chargers for Jeep 4xe

    Count me in the 25%! I ordered a JuiceBox the same day I purchased my 4xe. Installed the 220v circuit myself, buried the line, and hardwired it to the JuiceBox pigtail (in a weather enclosure box, of course) on one leg of my carport. Now as soon as I arrive home, I just plug it right in. I...