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  1. Washington (Price Drop) 35x10.5r17 Tires (x5) SSR Radial Mud Tires

    Price drop to $950 firm...just want these out of my garage. Cheers
  2. Washington (Price Drop) 35x10.5r17 Tires (x5) SSR Radial Mud Tires

    Nice and thanks!! I agree...these tires pulled me through snow to the frame rails no problem! I was also surprised how well they did on snow/slush/ice on the roads ;-) Cheers
  3. Washington (Price Drop) 35x10.5r17 Tires (x5) SSR Radial Mud Tires

    Bumping the thread, these are still available. Cheers
  4. Washington Sold: (Price Drop) 35x10.5r17 Tires (x5) SSR Radial Mud Tires

    Update: Price Drop to $950 firm...just want these out of my garage. I have five (5) Super Swamper Radial SSR in the tall skinny (pizza cutter) size of 35x10.5r17 in great condition. They have tons of tread left (18/32), when new they were at 21/32. Ran them on a Jeep Wrangler and rotated all...
  5. JL Rubicon Regear Costs

    Dana Spicer confirmed the front master rebuild kits are on backorder and won't be shipped till August...looks like my choices are Nitro gears or Yukon if I want it done in April. So what would you do? Lol. I don't want to compromise on quality here so looks like I will likely wait till August...
  6. JL Rubicon Regear Costs

    Lol yea I challenged them on it and they said they fat fingered the oil amount and should be 6 but everything else was accurate. It includes the 500 refill. Regardless, I won't be going there now despite the convenience. @Northridge4x4 - looks like you have the 5.38 Dana Spicer gears in stock...
  7. JL Rubicon Regear Costs

    Lol fair enough. :LOL:
  8. JL Rubicon Regear Costs

    Why is that? I would do Dana/Spicer gears if going through you but am curious. Cheers
  9. JL Rubicon Regear Costs

    I have full confidence in you guys and your customer service has always been awesome! I may end up making the trip still but you are 1.5 hours/80 miles away and it is a full day job...which is the only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger just yet. Just figuring out the logistics. Cheers
  10. JL Rubicon Regear Costs

    Appreciate the perspective. I will push for Dana Spicer if available and Nitro gears if not. I called around to some more shops in the area. XO Motorsports and Aaron's Olympic 4x4 both are coming in at a more reasonable $2500+tax for Nitro/Dana Spicer gears inclusive of the 500 mile...
  11. JL Rubicon Regear Costs

    The shop is Mule Expedition Outfitters in Issaquah, which would be really convenient as they are only 15 minutes away. Last year when calling all the shops in the area they were all close in price and Mule uses Nitro gears (heard these are the best?). Cheapest shop of the ones I called last year...
  12. JL Rubicon Regear Costs

    My thoughts exactly...and they are a well known Jeep shop here...
  13. JL Rubicon Regear Costs

    Well...I sold the JLUR for a Gladiator Mojave and I am ready to regear it after going to 37s. I thought prices were insane before but now it is straight up retarded. The shop I was planning to go with a year ago was $2765 is now charging $3235...ugh so frustrated with this. Primary differences...
  14. Got hit passenger front tire. What should I check for?

    Oh yes of course ;). One thing with accidents are they are a great excuse to upgrade parts! I am thinking of trying the Doestch aluminum 2.5 ton tierod and drag link. Really undecided on the trackbar but leaning towards the Yeti XD at the moment. Cheers
  15. Got hit passenger front tire. What should I check for?

    Thanks and yea, google brought me to this thread and since the OP appeared to still be active on the forums, figured I would bump this to see if he got a clear determination of what bent/broke :fingerscrossed:. At a minimum I will likely order new steering linkages, tie rods, and track bar...
  16. Got hit passenger front tire. What should I check for?

    Bumping an older thread as this just happened to me as well on my JT, except driver side. Did you ever confirm what was damaged? I have an inspection scheduled in a couple weeks through insurance but it is just a visual inspection so they don't put it on a rack. Only after the inspection they...
  17. Initial impressions of my Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT’s

    By any chance could you measure the 37s mounted on the Jeep? Thanks
  18. Washington Red Rock Spare Tire Riser $50

    I have a barely used Red Rock Spare Tire Riser for sale for $50. Willing to ship on buyer's dime. Was only on my Jeep for 3 months. Cheers
  19. Washington Mopar Slush Mats Red Letters $70

    I have a set of Mopar Slush mats for a 4 door JLU with the red lettering. Great condition just needs to be hosed off a bit. $70 prefer local but will ship on buyer's dime. Cheers