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  1. Opus 2 Sleeper behind my JLUR

    No issue at all. My best piece of advice is to plumb the airbags together. That way you push air from one to the other when you articulate. Keep them at around 8 to 10psi when not towing. I have wheeled extensively with them and have had zero issues.
  2. Opus 2 Sleeper behind my JLUR

    Air lift air bags and big ol shocks!
  3. How heavy a camper can I tow comfortably, JLUR, 3.5 lift on 37's stock 4:10's

    IF you spend time towing off-road then regearing is NOT ideal. Low Range is your friend with a trailer on the dirt. Can you imagine how miserable it would be to tow with 5.13 gears and a 4:1 transfer case on a normal dirt road? It would SUCK. Contrary to popular belief, regearing an auto...
  4. How heavy a camper can I tow comfortably, JLUR, 3.5 lift on 37's stock 4:10's

    Actual experience. . . I have 20,000 miles towing on a JLUR with 37s and 4.10 gears. I watch the trans temp religiously on climbs. My trailer weighs nearly exactly 3500lbs when loaded. It has been everywhere on and off road. My trailer (An Opus OP2) does have a lower profile than a full height...
  5. Copper City Washington

    Take a look.
  6. Black Bear Pass

    The message there is "don't try and outrun a storm!!!!" Find a place to shelter. They got lucky.
  7. Black Bear Pass

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  8. Black Bear Pass

    Like I said... sort of disagree. I only have 25 years in... have stayed in every area. It just depends on how you lay out your loops. The truth about the San Juans is that you just must go there... it is necessary. Also, prepare for afternoon showers.
  9. Black Bear Pass

    I sort of disagree with this. If you get to choose, Silverton is the hub. Ouray is second, then Purgatory.
  10. Black Bear Pass

    Not bad. We stayed at Cascade Village last time (2 miles from Purgatory). The drive is fantastic even whe. You do it every day.
  11. Black Bear Pass

    For a stock Jeep on Poughkeepsie... not a bad idea
  12. Black Bear Pass

    Do that... then Cinnamon back to Lake City
  13. Black Bear Pass

    I did all of those. Careful line choice on Poughkeepsie. Have fun!! Do it.
  14. San Juan Mtns/ Moab July

    Poughkeepsie opened on July 18 this year.
  15. Black Bear Pass

    There is a TON of camping. Remote, campground, RV Parks...whatever you want. We are camping next time.
  16. Black Bear Pass

    We went down through Grand Junction and back through Moab. 84 to 15 and then Soldier Summit to Price. Hotels this time there and back. Air BnB at Cascade Creek near Purgatory. Would have been nice to have been closer to Silverton, but the house was amazing.
  17. Black Bear Pass

    Finally got a video together of Black Bear 2 weeks ago. IF you like this kind of content, please subscribe to my channel. The YouTube algorithm picked up this video so good things are happening!
  18. Information on the automatic transmission at 60k miles

    On topic, has anyone had a failure of the 8 speed? Also, when you did your fluid/filter, did you notice a difference in drivability?
  19. Sport Hood Mounted Vehicle Specific Solar System™ - Jeep JL & Gladiator

    45 and I am IN. Probably in at 30.
  20. Video of JL climbing the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado

    Yep. . .when we go we either stay in Ouray or Silverton and a big chunk of the trip is up and down Red Mountain. No better paved drive in a Jeep with the top down on a summer day. . .