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  1. 392 XR Whoops! Overturned @ Cleghorn Trail [Recover Video Added]

    This right here, made me feel ill watching it knowing the damage even a shackle or tow hook can do.....
  2. Floor mat drain holes

    I have the updated ones with seal, still no chance of keeping water out in a creek crossing where water is above floor height :(
  3. Incredibly Awesomely Unbelievably Sucky Jeep New Order Info

    Could be worse, could be waiting for a Jeep in Australia.... Here the dealers are calling people with an order of a 2021 that wont be built and telling them they need to take a 2022 with a $7K price increase or they can cancel the order and get the deposit back, this is a directive from Jeep...
  4. Wiring through firewall

    I went through high on the passenger side (left side) I took the battery out and pierced a grommet, managed to get the UHF cable through with a bit of mucking about. So yep, does apply to the RHD just a bit harder to get at when it comes through, it is closer to the A pillar so avoids the...
  5. Floor mat drain holes

    Don't do deep water crossings, the water come up around where the mat seals or rather doesn't) with the floor and soaks the carpet under the mat, or in my case floods the carpet under the mat. I ended up putting the bungs in the floor and a second set in the mat. They work great for draining...
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I think the new icons etc came about when the 2021 added the forward camera (Trail cam) as an option, I have both on my 2021 and the icons with the camera mounted on the vehicle make it obvious which is which at a glance. Cheers Steve
  7. Surprising amount of rear sag while towing camper trailer

    I prefer airbags as I tow every few months and just to get to camp and back, the rest of the time I wheel it and daily it and the softer springs work well for this, airbags are a good setup for occasional towing.
  8. Surprising amount of rear sag while towing camper trailer

    I went with airbags, I run 50psi with trailer and 5psi without, it is a JLUR. Wthout airbags With airbags (and more weight, setup for a weeks camping). Best I could find, but you get the idea.
  9. Do i need control arms with a 2.5 lift kit ?

    I put the mopar LCA's on, have had to do longer LCA and drop brackets on my 6" lifted XJ, just drop brackets on my JK after a 2" lift and terrible caster (DW straight away), so with the JLUR I just ordered the LCA so I could put them in the same time as a 2"/1.5" levelling kit. Not 100% sure it...
  10. Fridge dilemma(s)

    I've had my Waeco (Dometic) for 19 years, no problems at all, I have a small one in the back of the Jeep that has done 7 years, again no problem. You will be happy you went with it :)
  11. Your take on the RTT vs. Ground tent debate

    Kept us away from the crocs and snakes as well as getting slightly more air movement in humid conditions in the far north of Australia. Never had an issue with being top heavy etc. Biggest hassle, packing up before going anywhere but that doesn't take long. I never used on my JK or JL as I...
  12. Bits and Bobs for the Aussie JL

    Get the toughdog one, sold locally in a lot of places and is a huge piece of kit, fits RHD as it was built for it, couldn't be happier with mine :) In saying that plenty are running the Teraflex on RHD but I have heard of some issues wit noise from them *I think* Teraflex may have resolved this...
  13. Aussie 2021 Granite Crystal JLUR build

    I just added some silicon to the piece that replaces the inlet on the factory airbox, it has some foam seals but they ae not great, silicon it on and all good after that.
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Its the Lange Hoist-a-top, works well and fairly simple.
  15. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    Most don't bother but if you do you could be looking at around 5K as it will need to do a swerve and brake test (which means hiring a facility to do it etc) unfortunately it is not a cheap process. A few in the Sydney Jeep Club have done it, maybe post on the facebook site and see what response...
  16. What Suspension setups are people running in Australia?

    Some will sell a fully engineered kit but never heard of one for a Jeep and certainly not from a reseller or installer, it will need to be individually certified.
  17. Rugged Ridge Low/High mount Snorkel system for RHD JL

    Search the paint code on ebay, that's where I got mine, forgot the name of the place but it was a perfect match, got a spray can and a clear coat and used a plastic primer, just did it in the garage, no problems.
  18. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Mounted up the hardtop hoist, was a bit tight for space but so much easier than me and the wife lifting it off, and put the softop on as we move in to our Australian Summer :)
  19. Regear, where to go? Sydney

    For just fit etc I used Langs in Asquith (near Hornsby if that helps), they have done a lot of Jeeps over the years, they did my XJ but it was quite a few years ago, they know jeeps though. Lang's Differentials | Leighton Place, Hornsby, NSW | White Pages®
  20. Anyone irritated by the size of the footwell?

    I've only had Jeeps since 2001, I think my left foot is smaller than the right now ;) Honestly though I don't notice it anymore, haven't for many years and I regularly wear work boots or Dr Martens (Wide sole) with no problems.