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  1. Custom Tire Covers

    Looking for recommendations on good places to purchase custom tire covers. Thanks!
  2. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    Same problem as before. No timing issues. I'll post more details after it's all resolved
  3. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    I can confirm that the deposit is refundable if there are problems that arise with the vehicle. I was part of the group buy but have yet to pickup the vehicle because of issues and was informed that it was refundable. Edit: I'm guessing if you just decide to back out, assume it is not refundable.
  4. PDI issue with ESS

    Asked but didn't really get a straight answer. I don't think they honestly know.
  5. PDI issue with ESS

    Thanks! I will see about reorder. I'll read forums to look for wha t prioritizing from factory translates to in a timeline. Curious how much longer I'd have to wait
  6. PDI issue with ESS

    2020 JL Sahara has been at dealership since Aug 19. Waiting to take delivery but the PDI came back with an issue with the start stop. The part required to fix the issue is on back order and I don't know when I'll be able to pick the jeep up. Supposedly the 18th it should come in. Is this a...
  7. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    Those lights look halogen but I see LED pack do I not? What gives
  8. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    Did you already pick up? Has it arrived?
  9. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    Who here is working with Peter?
  10. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    Correction! It's only been there a week. A week seems like an eternity :LOL:
  11. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    Pretty sure I'm coming from the furthest away (Chicago area). Going to take a minication, visit family on way back. Cars been there for a week*(correction) now. Waited to hear back on TL, now, but still can't pick it up, found issues with the stop/start. Waiting game continues. Flight prices...
  12. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    You're right that was confusing. The 'should not be the case' was referring to FCA having not decided part of the reply :LOL:...woops
  13. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY
  14. Altitude package

    What? I thought the issue was with advanced safety group, which isn't standard on the Altitude
  15. Factory Build Options/Accessories

    Anyone else have experience with aftermarket sill guards? I'll just get the black plastic ones with the order if it's not positive. Amazon reviews look decent from the links provided already
  16. Northeast Group Buy 7% under for '20 MY

    When someone asks me if I'm buying my Jeep locally because it's closer....
  17. Can dealer change price on delivery?

    Dealership in question is asking for $2000 deposit. Is this typical? Also seconding the question of what a POC is in this context
  18. Factory Build Options/Accessories

    Like which ones? Thanks! That's the information I'm looking for. Keep the suggestions coming!
  19. Factory Build Options/Accessories

    Hey all, I'm wanting to know people's opinions on factory build accessories (floor mats, storage bags, etc NOT PACKAGES). What are highly recommended to order from factory, and what ones to avoid, or ones you'd suggest 3rd party aftermarket. There are a lot of options, and not being a Jeep...