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  1. need OEM bumper

    I got one. Located in Glendale. LED fog lights.
  2. Show us your unique hood decals!

    Thank you so much!!!! The trail doors are from Ace Engineering.
  3. North Carolina Roll Call

    Looks great!!! Thanks for the mention!!!
  4. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    Thank you. No they are a kit I purchased from Next Venture Motorsports. Some wiring splicing is necessary but worth it.
  5. Show us your unique hood decals!

    @pixeldecals custom vinyl hood stripes, AZ vent decal and named logo script.
  6. Scratched frame

    Any insurance adjuster would total it. However, I'll offer you half what you paid for it, so your rates won't go up. ;)
  7. Looking for mount for 50” Rigid Industries Radiance Light bar and 4” POD lights

    I used a mount from Road Armor that already has pod attachments on the lower pillar mount for Cubes and I have the 50" Radiance up top.
  8. 38's & 40's JL Pics W/Lift Kit! Post Em Up

    Well that's an old picture. Changed up the wheels and tires and currently have a 47" length from bottom of front fender to the ground.
  9. Experience with 39” BFGoodrich KM3’s Mud Terrain Tires

    My backspacing is 4.94 with a -18 offset 17" x 9.5" wheel.
  10. Rusty’s Skidplate?

    Good to know. Thanks!!!
  11. Rusty’s Skidplate?

    Just my 2 cents here......Don't spend the extra money to powdercoat any under belly armor or rock rails/skids. Just get yourself some Satin Black paint rattle cans and spray them yourself. If you take the lines I do, which is why you're probably investing in the armor in the first place, these...
  12. Rusty’s Skidplate?

    I didn't do anything to them. They arrived powdercoated. For the cost, they provide a lot of coverage. My only issue is the bolt washer design. Yes it's "coned" to minimize getting hung up on rocks but they take a lot of abuse since its the lowest hanging part and eventually will need to be cut...
  13. Broken Arrow Trail - Sedona. Good for newbies?

    Also, be prepared for an overpopulated trail ride. 95% of the trail is single vehicle wide with 2 way traffic and minimal pull outs. It's a must do trail for the views, not difficult at all but always crowded!
  14. Experience with 39” BFGoodrich KM3’s Mud Terrain Tires

    That was with 38's but since moved up to 39's but didn't need additional trimming.
  15. Can I fit 5 Rubicon Rims & Tires in the back of my JLU Sahara?

    Thank you!! I used Bikini Blue as the highlight color on the factory Sting Gray.
  16. AAL led and Tazer issue.

    This worked for me without needing the adapter harness. I had factory LED lights swapped out with AAL LED lights and it was throwing errors. Set your Tazer to Halogen bulbs, then reboot. After it comes back up, set the Tazer back to LED bulbs and reboot. Should solve the dash errors.