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  1. Input Requested: Fox Shocks on Rubicon

    fox 2.0s on my Clayton 2.5" lift are much more plush than the OE rubicon suspension.
  2. Is this normal? Steering wandering all over the place. Brand new 2021 Rubicon 2 Door

    I have more play than I'd like too so I'm going to No Excuses in New Egypt next week and have them take a look
  3. Clayton Off Road: JL Overland Plus Lift Kits

    Clayton recommended fox 2.0s for my set up, but I over thought it and went with falcon 3.3s. I found the falcons way too stiff even on the softest setting and just installed a set of fox 2.0s. I'm much happier with them, that's the ride I was looking for.
  4. Those with the Tow Package - What Did You Wire to Your AUX Switches?

    Front lights Reverse lights House battery charging relay
  5. Adjustable Front LCA Recommendations

    I've had my box replaced twice and it's still meh. How many times did you get your dealer to do it ?
  6. JL Tire Carrier Extended Bump Stops

    I got the ones linked above, they actually worked out great and weren't that hard to trim down a bit. @Eischman I only needed about that much of an extension too but didn't want to use things like chair leg protectors and pipe insulation. Razor knife did the trick to cut them. I nipped a...
  7. Fox ATS or Teraflex Falcon 2.2 stabilizer?

    ok.. so wife test means the most... i've been playing with various stabilizers (steersmarts, falcon 2.2 and the roadmaster) a few weeks ago i replace my steersmarts stabilizer the roadmaster and my wife was "ok" with it, i expected a bit more, but its her daily driver so it's her call she said...
  8. Which wheel and Show off yours

    315/70/17 KO2s on XR wheels
  9. Proper alignment specs

    @Atom631 i have the steersmarts toe alignment kit if you're ever on this side of the river and want to borrow it.
  10. To Gobi or not to Gobi...

    gobi has it's own multiple threads.. purple on the other hand... 🤔
  11. Newbie lift/shock question

    Liner repair.. 👍 they're like 60 bucks per side to replace, i'll eventually replace them when the duct tape fails a few times.
  12. Newbie lift/shock question

    they didn't for me.. i had them on softest always and they were still too stiff i overthought and overspent. as of yesterday i'm on the Fox 2.0s with my heavy jeep and they feel great. i was originally concerned that the Foxs would feel mushy, but it doesn't seem like they will be at all...
  13. Newbie lift/shock question

    you do need to cut the liner for the reservoir on the front, i just patched mine with gorilla tape since i removed my falcons. i think i've got the directions still that have a template of where you need to cut if you'd like to see it, pm me.. fyi.. falcons are very stiff.
  14. Dumb Winch Question

    I have a bartac cover on my winch and I think it makes it more problematic to just throw it into freespool to steal the hook. If your taking the cover off to do this then it's more than the opportunistic grab.
  15. Fox ATS Race Series 2.0 Steering Stabilizer (JK or JL)?

    I couldn't get the fox stabilizer with the reservoir to fit with the steersmarts kit before I lifted my JL. There just wasn't room without it making contact somewhere no matter how I rotated it. I ended up giving up on it and using the steersmarts stabilizer which felt ok.
  16. Mopar Tailgate Reinforcement Kit Creaking on new XR

    did you check the torque on the bolts ?
  17. Mudflaps recommendation!

    I installed a set of front rokblokz last weekend and I'm happy with them. The xls look good with 35s or above.
  18. Suspension sagging due to added weight - spacer lift or.....?

    Op.. I haven't seen a picture of what you're considering heavy squat or how much weight you're actually carrying. I've got a pretty heavy rig and went with a Clayton 2.5 overland plus kit and my fatass jeep sits and rides great with it. And for what it's worth... I thought I may have wanted the...
  19. Exact Center is a steering stabilizer new for Jeeps

    I installed mine this weekend. I'm on the fence about it.. I like the return to center feel, but with the little bit of lash in my steering box there's still that play. Maybe I expected it to correct that where it doesn't. I'll ride it for a bit more, get use to the way it feels then throw my...