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  1. Best quality Locking hood latch ??

    These are very cool. I have Bolt but will go with these and a front trail camera next order.
  2. Theft Concerns Looking for advice.

    I got the Bolt hood lock. Works great and looks good...
  3. Jeep Adds Gobi Exterior Paint Color Option for Wrangler (Available Through June 2022)

    Having lived with Sarge for a while it's a bit dark...Given a do over I'd pick Gobi.
  4. *edit...All good! Order placed

    I'd dump the Gorilla Glass...I got it for $195 and kinda regret it after reading stories on here...That will save you some bread!!!
  5. Hey, Check This Out - Jeep Updated The Main Website

    $495 for Gorilla Glass? No way after all the bad experiences documented here!!!
  6. Carvana / Vroom January Pricing Cliff

    I noticed this is December when my dealer beat Vroom & Caravan by $4000 on a BMW M2....I was shocked but happy!
  7. Beer / New & Favorites

    For those unfamiliar with Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor they print a puzzle under each bottle cap...Fans of the movie "Full Metal Jacket" should figure this one out with the quickness :CWL:.....Hint, "$10 beaucoup money" :CWL:
  8. 1st Jeep wash

    Never had a problem with Auto Bell. Fold the mirrors back and remove the antenna,,,All good. It's a Jeep, I'm not gonna treat it like an expense sports car.
  9. How good is the uConnect GPS system?

    It's good as long as you know where you are going already.
  10. 2022 Dual Top Buyer - How much labor / time is involved going back & forth from hard top to soft top?
  11. Dealer falsified post-purchase satisfaction survey

    Thanks for the answer but I doubt my dealer did this. I was happy and had no problem giving them all 5s, 10s or whatever. They actually kept breaking my balls because I didn't complete the survey. It got lost in cyber space somewhere.
  12. Steering Stabilizer Choice

    Jeep should just admit defeat and Fox should be standard equipment.
  13. Dealer falsified post-purchase satisfaction survey

    How the hell did they do that? I never got my survey.
  14. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Hope I don't get towed :surprised: