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  1. Florida Rubicon Led Fender Lights

    PM sent
  2. Negativity

    Few, I thought you wanted to have a steering column shifter for the future JL's, we good now. I like the stance as well! Also, certain colors play on the factory rims so much better than others, my friends sarge green needed black rims asap, however yours looks great with factory rims/black...
  3. How great does my Jeep look?

    Your JL looking so good!!!!!!!!
  4. Are us middle class Jeepers going to be (fuel) forcefully priced out of enjoying our Jeeps? [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    I had a 2019 TRD PRO 4 Runner - not great fuel efficiency I had a 2016 TRD Sport Tacoma - not great fuel efficiency Coming to a JL after 10+ years of owning Toyota's, I didn't buy it for fuel economy either. I use it on the weekend or 3x a week mostly as I work 4 shifts, 10 hours + OT. Thank...
  5. Push button 4WD for the Wrangler

    No..... absolutely not.
  6. Push button 4WD for the Wrangler

    Lever, stays. Simple as that. My 4runner had a lever as well, loved it!
  7. What a good time we had! Trip up the Greek Mountains with fellow Jeepers

    Awesome, enjoy the adventures my friend, good stuff!
  8. #CDR - JLU Sting Gray Build (Wint3rWolf)

    Update: Probably going to bite the bullet on a pair of Oculus Bi-Led headlights, still doing some research. Haven't updated my build thread in a bit, been so busy with life. Good news is, got an opportunity to enjoy my Jeep with some friends this weekend and get some wheeling and camping in!
  9. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    Just did an awesome day trip to Harrison Lake, south. Found a trail that's technical and fun, found our own spot on the lake. Was a great time!
  10. Jeep Dog pics

    Before, nice and clean and comfy in his bed at the start of our trip. After, full dog mode and how it should be, having a blast in the mountains with us!
  11. JKWMD New JLUR mods etc.

    Awesome, I would suggest a build thread! looking great bro!
  12. How can I disable "Low Fuel" shutoff for auto-start (cold weather group)

    OP is trying to just gas everyone up with emotion. 😅
  13. Corrosion anyone?

    What in the world, that is incredibly weird. I definitely don't have that and never had had anything like that on any of my vehicles. Have you tried a heavy duty tree sap/bug/tar remover? Maybe it's surface salt/grim that adheres to the door lock? That is 100% corrosion though. I wonder if other...
  14. Corrosion anyone?

    Nothing yet for myself, throw up some pictures please!
  15. FCA Reports Q1 2022 Jeep Wrangler Sales Figures

    Man, to be honest never really paid attention to Jeep Compass or ever rarely see them on the road. I must be subconsciously not looking for them lol
  16. Challenge

    That YJ is from my province, British Columbia Canada and that looks like Knight St bridge going towards Richmond from Vancouver, I am sorry guys! Ouch. I can tell by the custom plate. I think the Sport logo looks nice beside the gas tank... yah! That's it. Also what really grinds my gears is...
  17. Slightly embarrassed to give a non Wrangler owner a ride!

    Pro tip, stop caring what other people/friends/family members, whoever, think. Sure, listen to the opinion and move on. If your happy, content, you enjoy it, that's more than good enough. It's your Jeep at the end of the day, I'll take a ride in a "noisy" Jeep any day if it's offered.
  18. Wrangler Production Numbers for 2021?

    I couldn't find a production number for 2021 but I found a estimated "SOLD" number, so combining 2021 sales of the American and Canadian market, estimate of 222,000 sold in 2021. I couldn't find numbers shown by Wrangler configuration but only the wrangler model. Probably something Jeep keeps...
  19. How common is the Death Wobble?

    Nope, never experienced it. Didn't even know it might be a thing until now. stock Rubicon over here.