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  1. Drivers side rear window not working

    I would guess one of two items. 1. Blown / unseated fuse. But I am not sure without checking if multiple doors are on the same fuse. 2. If you have recently taken your doors off, there is a possibility that pints within the switch could have been bent. This is less likely, however, with the...
  2. Captions please...

    Not my money!!!!
  3. Jeep Thongs...

    It’s an Easter Egg on all JLs
  4. Proper rear seat storage

    Put casters on it as well a counter top with some slots for small knickknacks and you can use it as a work bench or bar in said space.
  5. Getting Ducked!

    My wife and I plan to be there.
  6. Retractable step for jeep?

    I also put 35s and lift on my Sahara. we kept the stock running board, same as you. the above comments are good. One other thing to consider the coverage of running board vs retractable. I don’t know your plans for your jeep, everyone is different, but I have found that my boards help deter a...
  7. Help identify this part

    This appears to be the end cap for one of your seat rails
  8. XG Cargo Gamma and Sky One Touch Roof?

    Interesting. I have the XG Cargo Gamma storage bags and really like them. I do not have the sky one touch top. But I have not idea why they would not work. They DO NOT come in contact with the top at all. And we leave the storage bags in place and run with the top off. So it will be...
  9. What's wrong with this picture?

    Are folks ducking Broncos now?
  10. Happy St. Patrick’s Day

    Found the pot of gold!!!!
  11. Have you added up what you have spent on your JL

    Yes. NOT YET ENOUGH. Got to go buy more!!!!!
  12. Best offdoor mirrors / pics

    I have these same mirrors but mine do rotate a little.
  13. Spare Tire Bumper

    I did the same thing. Just a few dollars and it fixes the issue.
  14. SuperBowl Poll

    That’s the plan!!!!!
  15. SuperBowl Poll

    Third option needed. Just my opinion. #3. Couldn’t care less.
  16. Sahara Unlimited build

    Welcome and congrats. Make your ride yours. There will be those that say 20’s should not be on a wrangler. Again make it yours. Mine is a ‘20 Sahara. I added Mopar lift, 35’s and 20” Fuel wheels. I am very pleased.
  17. Bought my 1st Wrangler!

    Thought you were looking for a Jeep. you purchased a car? Just kidding, kind of. Welcome to the obsession.
  18. New 2020 order

    Hello all. Thought I would provide an update. a little over 2 years in of ownership on my ‘20 Sahara. Coming up on 50k miles. Could not be happier!!!!!! Hope all is well for you all!!!!