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  1. Alu-Cab THOR Conversion for the JL

    Looks like Alu-Cab just released their conversion for the 76 series. This seems like an ideal setup for a JL. Even though there is the Ursa minor, the design of the AC-Thor fits my preference for interior living space and sleeping layout....especially for two people. Love the fact that the...
  2. Diesel: Legally delete after 25years

    I'm in this for the LONG haul. If none of the rules change, would it be legal to do a "delete" once the rig hits 25years old?

    I have never heard of this company, nor the name of these shocks/suspension. Anyone have experience, articles, reviews...etc. The concept is interesting. All the features of E-CLIK ACTIVE plus it allows the user to tune like a Pro...
  4. OEM front hook replacements to Shackle Mounts?

    Does anyone make a replacement for the front OEM hooks that are just holes for hard and soft shackles? I can't imagine they don't exist, but my google search is obviously not use the right key words.
  5. Amorlite Floor Liner

    Anyone going to run the ArmorLite?
  6. Gladiator: Bed Water Tank

    Anyone mount up a tank against the bed bulk head up where the flowers are in the pic? This seems like it would be perfect for use with a GFC, Super Pacific, Alu-CAB. It would keep the weight lower in the bed and in the center-is of the vehicle. Alu-Cab has one specifically for the Canopy...
  7. Diesel Additives

    very new to diesel. In trying to research the EcoDiesel, there is mention of fuel additives. Is this something that is needed for Winter? Is it for water, gelling? Something else?
  8. Rubicon Package as a $5k upgrade to any trim

    I so hope this is true. Just read this post over on ExpeditionPortal. Rubicon now a $5k package option on all Wranglers In an effort to provide consumers with what they actually desire, Jeep has announced it will begin offering the Rubicon as a $5k package for all Wranglers from the Sport...
  9. Fuel sticker for Diesel and Petrol

    How about a fuel type sticker? Since we now have diesel and petrol, may be we need something fun to calls out diesel. Of course everyone should know that in the US, green means, diesel, but stickers are fun. Here's an old thread on a different forum about them...
  10. Belly Skid Plate System for ecodiesel?

    Does anyone make a full belly skid system for the diesel JL and JT? Especially in aluminum.
  11. DEF relocation

    Anything out there yet on relocating DEF tank? New location with OEM? Smaller tank stuffed somewhere closer to the main......etc I’m sure there are 10,000 sensors that will trigger codes if you look at it wrong, but figured I’d ask.
  12. Rubicon vs Recon Rubicon

    What are the deltas between the standard Rubicon and Recon Rubicon? What does the extra money buy you?
  13. Will the JL ever get the JT front facing camera from the factory

    Does anyone know if Jeep will release the Front Facing camera as an option on the JL?"
  14. ARB Sliders

    Any update on when the ARB sliders? Any installs from actual users yet?
  15. AEV Steelie Thread

    Since it is AEV I'm sure we won't see the SEMA 2019 introduced Steelies until 2025, but wanted to start a thread for tracking info, updates, speculations.....etc. Shy of getting custom wheels like the Wayout's, the AEV steelies are my choice for my pending JT/JL build.
  16. Eco Diesel and Tazer

    What things might Tazer be able to control on the new diesel?
  17. Eco Diesel and Tunes

    What tunes do you expect to see with the new Eco Diesel? Honestly, it has so much power, I'm hoping for a Economy tune. But, I'm betting someone will come out with tunes that allow on the fly switching between power and eco.
  18. Eco Diesel and Def Tank Relocation

    Do you think someone will come out with a DEF tank relocation kit?
  19. Eco Diesel and Dual Batteries

    Does it looks like we'll still be able to fit dual batteries under the hood? From some of the pics, it looks like there is room, but only time will tell.
  20. Eco Diesel and Low Sulfur Fuel

    How will the new Eco Diesel handle low Sulfur fuel? Maybe this is no longer a problem. Will it handle diesel in Mexico, Central America, and all throughout South America, or Africa?