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  1. Can Anyone give a 0-60 acceleration on the High Tide?

    Looking into one and wonder what the acceleration is with the xr package. It says it has a limiter of 110 mph. Can anyone verify?
  2. Believe Nothing You Hear & Half What You See

    That was the old saying. Ever since the internet came about, now its become Believe everything you see, hear and read. So much so that you buy used cars from bubble f*ck and have them shipped w/out test driving. Generally speaking of most thread conversations including some of mine.
  3. Is the headliner worth the Money?

    Anyone have the chance to ride with and without the headliner option? I didnt put it on my build but wondering how much can you control a jeep noise
  4. Is the 392 worth that Xtra job a couple nights per week?

    Could one sit pretty with a standard Rubicon or will you be suffering in envy?
  5. The best wrangler since sliced bread

    In 2017 I bought my JKU. One year later this came out. All those years of feedback on the 3.6 got the design team to make the ultimate jeep. Turbo got rid of altitude sickness, performed far better in every aspect. It got best in class. It seems a few years later its not good enough. Im guilty...
  6. Rubicon XR recon at altitude

    Does anyone have experience driving above 7000 ft? My JKU was a nightmare. Im wondering how it would handle going up the mountain passes.
  7. Willy 4 door vs Rubicon 4 door

    I dont have dealers with Jeeps on the lot to test. I've driven all engines but the diesel in the past. I remember the 2.0 being quick especially coming from the jku. When I built up a 2.0 Willy with just the basics: heated seats,navigation, select trac, premium soft top, it comes out to almost...