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  1. The new Jeep order tracking site is up and running!

    For those of us that have managed to get our Jeeps delivered, this system can tell you the actual dates it ran down the line, cleared JB status and delivered to the dealer.
  2. Gupton Buyers Lounge

    In my case they did air down the tires to 37 before I took delivery, so that went well. What I had to check was the fuses, it’s been mentioned here to make sure all the fuses are properly seated, yep, there were some loose ones.
  3. 22 wrangler order date, vin and actual deliveries.

    Yep, factory works seven days a week. Mine cleared JB status on a Sunday.
  4. Gupton Buyers Lounge

    Resale price for any of the above model years won't be much different other than random options packages adding a few bucks, like the front camera option that you couldn't get on a '20 for one example. That said, in ten or fifteen years from now I can see a manual transmission JL becoming more...
  5. Five 35” Tires Fit INSIDE a Two Door

    Five 35" tires will also fit inside a Subaru Outback. Ask me how I know... :)
  6. '22 Rubicons pulled from Ordering System

    At this point it is voluntary: The "voluntary commitment" that FCA has made says that starting with most vehicles made on and after 9/1/2022 they will be equipped with AEB. I've never said the...
  7. Gupton Buyers Lounge

    If Snazzberry ever comes back as an available color it would be hard for me not to order another one. That's the color we really wanted. That said, after I get a few more mods done I'll probably settle in with this one...
  8. Do all jeep dealers use Cassens? What does Gupton use?

    My understanding is that Cassens is the transport company FCA uses for Canadian deliveries.
  9. Rubicon steering wheel glare

    I've seen it, just depends on what direction I'm headed and where the sun is, so it's short lived. Every once and a while under the right conditions I get a blast from the red dash on the passenger side, that bugs me more.
  10. '22 Rubicons pulled from Ordering System

    In theory, all of the current 2022 orders in the pipeline must be completed on or before August 31, 2022. All production starting on September 1, 2022 has to have Automatic Emergency Braking installed. This is most likely why they are seriously restricting 2022 orders from now to June 15th...
  11. Casual Friday

    Checking in from Colorado, yeah, snow predicted for tomorrow, raining right now. Might put off this topless thing for another week.
  12. Can Limited edition Gobi be a 2023?

    I spotted a gobi colored 4-Door Rubicon exactly like the one pictured above on a transporter here in Denver a couple days ago, so yeah, they're out of the factory and in at least one case have made it west.
  13. Gupton roll call and updates on 2022 orders.

    Folks, I stand corrected on this. On my Jeep there are indeed little divots (not visible in the above photo but visible in a front view of a black Willys above) that I thought were for the license plate. Well, I got my Colorado plates yesterday and went to put the front one on - turns out...
  14. 22 wrangler order date, vin and actual deliveries.

    Actually JeepChat can tell you the date it actually rolled down the line. You just have to get the right person and engage them in a pleasant conversation. That's what I did when I was in the checking every other day stage. It is my absolute belief that they have ALL the info on our Jeeps at...
  15. Gupton roll call and updates on 2022 orders.

    The bumpers come from the factory with little indentations which are what I call divots. More like guide marks for the screws that hold the license plates on. They're not holes and don't go all the way through. Gupton doesn't touch the front bumper.
  16. Gupton roll call and updates on 2022 orders.

    They FedEx'd me the packet about two weeks after delivery. Contains the original title as produced by FCA and a bill of sale that has to be given to the DMV. There's also an affadvit that states that you paid the local sales tax that then has to be sent back to Gupton in an envelope they also...
  17. Gupton roll call and updates on 2022 orders.

    There's no front license plate bracket. What there is, if you look really carefully in your top picture above, is in the plastic bumper there are a couple of divots that can be used to drive a couple of self-tapping screws through. Gupton doesn't deliver with a front dealer logo plate or...
  18. 2023 JL Order Books Open June 15, 2022

    I have adaptive cruise in my 6-spd Rubicon, as part of the "Advanced Safety Group" option. I wanted to see how the brake assist and the forward collision braking system works with a manual, so I tested it by building a small wall of cardboard and cardboard boxes (the box the soft top comes in...
  19. 2023 JL Order Books Open June 15, 2022

    I will be shocked if the larger screen was not part of an extra cost option. This is FCA after all...
  20. 2023 JL Order Books Open June 15, 2022

    Reposition the vents, redesign the HVAC controls into a single row and put it lower. Possibly move some controls into the head unit itself, easy, and that dash remodel becomes the "mid cycle refresh". On a slightly different note I have found that in my JL there is actually *less* room to...