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  1. Texas Sold: OEM Rubicon LED turn signal, DRL, side marker lights - $125

    Removed from a 2019 Rubicon in perfect cosmetic and functional condition. Includes the wiring harness, it’s plug-n-play. No broken tabs, clips, pins. I even cleaned them thoroughly so you don’t have to. $125. I will ship if you pay the shipping charges.
  2. Texas Fishbone Offroad rear quarter panel guards

    $22 BNIB. I discovered that I can’t use these with AAL fender liners unless I trim them and I don’t want to do that. I can return them but that’s a PITA. Save a few bucks.
  3. Rear sway bar link help needed

    While installing the rear AAL quick release fenders, I noticed that my sway bar links have made contact with the frame. This would only occur on up travel, it by the looks of it, it hasn’t been often or severe. The links I’m using are from the MetalCloak 2.5” lift kit. They are I measure...
  4. How to revive a “dead” Dewalt battery

    I finally had one of my Dewalt 20v Max batteries die. It’s only a few years old and hasn’t been used a ton. I’d seen this technique before but never had to use it. It works. Many times a “dead” battery isn’t bad, it’s just got a bad cell or cells. Other times, it’s just completely...
  5. Metra JL-1014 vs MB Quart JE-116 knee panel speaker pods

    Has anyone compared the two side by side? They look very similar but the MB Quart version costs double the price of the Metra ones. Any difference in quality or functionality?
  6. How to fix turn signal out message after installing AAL DRL?

    I have OEM LEDs and I installed AAL’s DRLs. The lights work perfectly and look great. I have a Tazer which has an option to fix the hyper flashing warning. After following the directions multiple times, I can’t get the EVIC bulb out warning to stop. Sometimes one side will display correctly...
  7. Texas White fender retention clips

    These are very easily broken when removing them. I managed to get a lot of them off without damage, and some are slightly damaged but still usable. I’ve also got the bolts and plastic button fasteners. If you need sone, they’re yours for whatever it costs to mail them.
  8. Good price for Gearwrench ratcheting wrench set

    I found a set of SAE and metric ratcheting wrenches for $150. 10-18mm and 5/16-3/4 in both regular and stubby. That’s a pretty good price. They aren’t reversing, they aren’t flex head. But I don’t often find either one those features indispensable. I was looking to buy a Tekton set but they’re...
  9. Looking to buy or have Jeep decals made

    I’m not having luck looking for a Jeep logo decal from the eBay vendors I’ve used in the past. What I’m looking for is a white Jeep logo decal at least 10” wide or so to go on the front wind fairing of my cargo basket. Similar to this logo but slightly larger in bright white.
  10. Has anyone painted or powder coated Reid Racing knuckles?

    I’m feeling some sort of way about the bright orange knuckles that are on their way to me. Has anyone painted or powder coated them? Maybe I’ll feel better about the orange with the RCV boots inside them. Why can’t both of these vendors offer an option for black - like almost everything else...
  11. Hidden Falls - April 9

    Anyone want to go? I’m thinking of taking my elderly dad out there for the day. I think he’d like it.
  12. Texas Sold: Dana 30/Dana 44 LSD axle set - $850 OBO

    I’ve got a D30 front axle and D44 LSD rear axle with approximately 30K miles. Great condition. Rear comes complete with brakes and calipers. 3.45 gears. $850 OBO. Local sale, Baytown, TX.
  13. How long does it typically take to run these San Juan trails?

    I’ll be wheeling in the San Juan Mountains area of Colorado later this year. I’ve never been there before so I’m hoping that locals or those who regularly wheel those trails can help me plan. I know there’s all sorts of factors like weather, traffic, road conditions, different drivers, etc...
  14. Roof rack cargo baskets

    I’ve got the Mopar roof rack crossbars and I’m looking for a cargo basket for an upcoming trip where we may take extra people and have extra gear. The Mopar basket TCCAN859 seems to be the same part as the Thule Canyon TH859. Does anyone have thoughts on or tips for either of these? If...
  15. Bronco vs Wrangler small overlap front impact test

    I’m just going to leave this here and prepare my mind for the flood of excuses/explanations/rationalizations/deflection from our most dedicated fanboy population. Go!
  16. Texas Sold: FREE switch

    I bought this to control my Brawlee rear tailgate light. When the time came to install it, I couldn’t find the switch and used another one. Now I’ve found it. Use it for whatever you like. It illuminates blue when pressed in the ON position.
  17. Regear rear axle only?

    Yes, I know that when used in 4WD the Jeep MUST have the same gearing on both axles or tragedy will occur in short order. However… If not driven in 4WD at all, is there any problem with changing the gear ratio only on the rear axle? The reason I ask is because I don’t wheel every weekend, or...
  18. When did your battery die?

    I’m curious about when you had to replace your original battery (if you have already). Did it fail prematurely? Have you replaced it preemptively before it began to fail? Tell me your battery story.
  19. 10% off any one item ***NO EXCEPTIONS*** at Harbor Freight this weekend.

    Rare No Exception coupon good for 10% off for the holiday weekend. Good time to get those items that seldom or never get marked down or have coupon exclusions, like air compressors, floor jacks, and tool chests.
  20. Texas Black interior carpet + new carpet floor mats

    I see a number of these available with no takers, but I hate to throw this out if there’s someone who might want it. I’ve got a set of black front and rear interior carpet in great condition. Also a new set of new carpet floor mats. $75 for both.