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  1. 37" tires fitment question

    Hey guys I have a rubicon 4xe on order and have been contemplating on upgrading to 37's on mopar beadlock capable wheels. At the moment, I'm thinking of doing a simple 2 inch spacer lift. My question is will this cause any rubbing considering the spacer lift and mopar wheel spec. This is for...
  2. Texas Sold: Mopar beadlock rings.

    4 used Mopar beadlock rings. Paint on the backside is peeling but the ring itself has no bends or cracks as seen in the photos. You will need to buy 3 replacement bolts as they were broken when it was it taken off. Local (Houston,tx) preferred but can ship at buyers expense.
  3. Texas Front bumper and side rock rails

    Anyone in Houston, TX have a stock front bumper and side rock rails they're willing to donate to me. Trying to go back to stock. Thanks in advance!
  4. 392 beadlocks compatiblility

    Any one know if the beauty rings that come off the 392 beadlocks wil fit the mopar beadlocks? I have someone local selling his 392 beauty rings and i've been in need of getting simulated ones for my mopar ones.

    I'm looking for anyone that are running the mopar capable beadlocks that aren't using the simulated rings. thanks!
  6. Texas Mopar Simulated Beadlock rings

    Anyone have any of these rings that you aren't using and willing to sell? Thanks!

    Hey guys i'm looking into buying some mopar beadlocks from a local seller and i have a few questions. I know you can run these with a simulated or beadlock ring. He's selling them with the beadlock ring only. The only con of these wheels is one of them have 3 broken bolts when he was trying to...
  8. STOCK Fender Led

    Probably dumb question but is there a different in mounting with the led fender lamps between the sahara and rubicon? i"m thinking of swapping out my sahara led lamps into possible rubicon fenders i'm thinking of getting. Thanks!
  9. Spare relocation bracket question

    I have 315/70/17 KO2's on order. They'll be mounted on rubi take off's on my sahara. I understand some tire brands run wider than others and it seems like, through some searching, that the stock rubi tire carriers are also higher than the sport and saharas. So my question is are there any...
  10. Texas Sold: MOPAR MOAB Performance rock rails (Houston) $350

    As the title states, selling these off my Jeep. Great condition. I don’t off road. Zero scratches. $350 local only please (Houston)
  11. Texas Sold: MOPAR LCA’s (Houston)

    Brand new never installed. Wanted to use these with my rubi take offs but decided to go another direction. Only taken out of the box to take photos. these are the ones that come part of the Mopar 2 inch lift kit to help correct caster. $50 local only please. P/N 68322798AA
  12. Texas Sold: JLUR TAKE OFF SUSPENSION (Houston) (SOLD)

    Got a set of take offs from a JLUR including springs, shocks, swag links, and bump stops that came off a 2020 with hard time and steel bumper package. Springs are 3660/3661AD FRONT and 3590/3591AA REAR I purchased these for my sahara but never installed them. Decided to take another...

    Has anyone experience this hard top lift? It's about half the price of the top lift pros...

    As the title says, looking for a top lift pro near houston.
  15. Sahara on rubi take offs and spacer lift

    Ok guys so I’m thinking of switching out my sahara suspension to rubi take offs. I wanted to add the teraflex 1.5 spacer lift to get rid of the factory rake. I’m on stock rubi wheels and tires (33’s). Question is will this suspension combo make my 33’s look funny or too small?

    Hey guys giving away the factory running boards that came off my sahara. Must pick up only. I reside over in the Sugar Land/SW Houston area.

    Looking for upgraded rubicon jl wheels with tires and tpms