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  1. Kentucky Unused Warn winch plate in unopened box

    Hi, I have a new, unused Warn winch plate that is not compatible with my tow plate. The kit is in the original, unopened shipping box. I will ship at your cost. $250.00/OBO Sorry I have no pictures but the shipping box has never been opened.
  2. Rock Jock tow bar mounting kit and warn winch plate compatibility

    Hi, Anyone know if these are compatible on a stock 2022 JLUR steel bumper? Thanks
  3. Baja Designs XL Pro Install Questions

    Hi, I purchased a pair for my front steel bumper but have questions about wiring to my auxiliary light switches. I'm not sure if I need an Upfitter Harness, or not; any help would be great.
  4. Newbie lift/shock question

    I was wondering, when I eventually get my 2.5" lift on my new JLUR with Falcon SP2 3.3 shocks, will the plastic inner fender liners need to be permanently removed?
  5. Battery disconnection question

    Hi, I was wondering what to expect, if anything, when I disconnect my battery for a short time in my 2022 JLUR. I have never had a Jeep and was wondering what might be lost when I do this, (like radio presets, my Tazer settings, etc...). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Recommended Oil for 2.0L

    Hi, I plan on using full synthetic and changing my oil myself; I was just wondering if anyone has a few recommendations regarding their favorite oil for the 2.0L. I used to use Motul in my modified Audi, and cost is not an issue. I understand the oil recommended by Jeep should be API SN+ grade...
  7. Uconnect phone app on a 2022 JLU - Info not updating.

    Hi everyone, My new 2022 JLUR is not updating anymore on the Uconnect app; I did a quick forum search and didn't come up with anything. Does anyone have some tips? The remote functions are working, just not the info section. Thanks.
  8. JKWMD New JLUR mods etc.

    Hi, I thought I'd show my new Jeep mods with a brief review of each regarding install and overall value. Let's start with the White Knuckle Off Road rock rails. I went with these for several reasons. I like an underdog, they bolt to the frame, and the Rubicon rock rails stay in place; also...
  9. Ohio Clearlidz JL Panoramic Freedom Top

    I bought this for my wife's 2021 JLU high altitude but she thinks it lets in a bit too much sun for her, (she wears glasses most of the time, but said with sunglasses it's fine). It has only been on for a few weeks. I have a link to the item and will get some pictures in a couple of days. It is...
  10. Bestop orders

    Well, apparently, we have 5.5 hours to order prior to some threatened price increase on their products. I want to order a Sunrider for Hardtop from them for my wife's JLU high altitude but the discount code they are offering us, (jlwranglerforum) is not working at this time. Does anyone have any...
  11. Tired of waiting - considering putting in a second order

    Hi all, I've been waiting 3 months now for my JLUR with zero progress. How many of us have, or are considering, putting in a new order, and seeing which one shows up first? I have to admit I'm getting ready to do exactly this.
  12. What aftermarket wheels with pics

    Hi, I'm bored waiting for my JLUR, (ordered 10 weeks ago today), so I want something to look at to keep me going. I already have Fuel D557 Anza wheels waiting to be installed, just wondering what other people are doing. Show me some wheel porn!!
  13. Responsible Cryptostickers Use

    TO EVERY NEW CRYPTOSTICKERS USER: Please don't be a douche and enter your order date as the ACTUAL, (or as close as you can recall), day you ordered your Jeep; not doing so screws EVERYONE. ...just saying.
  14. Jeep welcome email

    Hi, I received an email the other day from US Customer Care welcoming me to the Jeep Wave Program and congratulating me on my 2022 order; there was no ETA or anything like that. The question is, does receiving this email tell you anything about your order status, (about to get built, etc...), or...
  15. Teraflex lift

    Hi all, I have a 2022 JLUR on order and already have a Teraflex CT2 2.5" short arm lift kit at home. There doesn't seem to be much love here for this lift and I was wondering if anyone can share their thoughts on this kit. I have Falcon 3.3 shocks already, as well. I will be installing...
  16. Teraflex 4838910 JL Alpha HD spare tire mounting kit

    Hi, I have the Jeep upgraded rear hinges as well as the kit below. If I order the Teraflex kit will I need the item I linked to above?
  17. Warn winches in stock where?

    Hi all, I continue to have a hard time finding the Warn Zeon 10-S in stock anywhere. 4W Parts site said "in stock" a week or two ago, and I ordered, but now they're saying June 2022. Does anyone know of a reliable source with actual winches in stock?
  18. FCA Affiliate Rewards

    Hi, I've read recently the 2022 Wrangler has been added to the FCA affiliates program but I still don't see it on their website. I was hoping someone can comment on this as I'm a member of Tread Lightly and could really use the discount for my 2022 JLUR on order. Thanks...