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  1. Ordered in jan

    At this point, if you have an order in, it's probably wise to just consider yourself lucky that you have an order in at all, and to strap in for a long wait. There are thousands of people waiting for vehicle builds right now, and order banks are closing off features and packages with seemingly...
  2. Are us middle class Jeepers going to be (fuel) forcefully priced out of enjoying our Jeeps? [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    My $.02 - people fixate way, way too hard on gas prices and will drop $5.00 on shitty coffee daily without batting an eye. Does it suck that I have to drop an extra $20 at the pump now? Of course. But if my financial margin between owning and enjoying my Jeep and being broke is $20 a couple...
  3. I saw a GINORMOUS GRAPE hurling down the highway in NY.....
  4. Are the Gladiator guys supposed to wave? (cause they don't at me)

    Plenty of us do, but I flash the Gladdy Horns just to be a special snowflake 🤘🤘
  5. Your favorite mods

    Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions - Rubigrid system. Their hardware is outstandingly high quality, and it's way, way better than using your cupholder for your phone. You can put the holders in whatever position is best for you - sky is the limit! RubiGrid™ Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU & Gladiator JT...
  6. Side Step Question/Recommendations?

    My wife has the Barricade Enhanced Rubi Rails on her JL and really likes them. They're the same shape as the factory Rubicon rails, but with an added tube-step (similar to the Smittybuilt ones shown above). She's had them on for almost a year, and zero rust or any other issues.
  7. Grab handles for back seat

    The Mopar 4-handle set works on a 2-door JL as well. I just installed them in my wife's a couple weekends ago. Granted, they're not in the most optimal position ever, but it's not like the back of a 2-door is a comfortable place to begin with...
  8. 392 no longer available for 2022?

    Not even remotely. Matt has been doing Jeep-related videos for years, and absolutely knows what he's talking about. His video only said that Jeep closed off the ability for dealerships to place orders - he was only relaying information, nothing more.
  9. Confession time…

    Dude, I about blasted Monster out my nose when I read that. You almost owed me $3... lol I haven't done anything truly stupid IN it yet, but I've done plenty while working on it at home: Tried to shut the hood while one of the latches was "up", and left a nice gouge in the latch handle. Set...
  10. 392 XR Whoops! Overturned @ Cleghorn Trail [Recover Video Added]

    And somehow the windshield stayed in place... lol
  11. 2023 JL Order Books Open June 15, 2022

    At the risk of sounding totally spoiled, I would 100% trade my Mojave in for a 392 if they open them back up in 2023. Having a bed is nice every now and then, but having a V8 roar in my ears ALL THE TIME would be so much more worth the money. I'm just hoping they offer the XR package or...
  12. High Tide JLU special edition photos from dealership lot

    Nope. They had one parked at Jeep Beach. Other than the hood decal, it looks like a Sport trim inside. All black and plastic, no colored stitching or anything interesting at all.
  13. Florida 5 Rubicon wheels & tires SW Florida

    But wait, if I buy now, will you DOUBLE your offer as long as I pay separate processing and handling?
  14. Florida Trade: Color matched top for SOT

    Pardon me if this is a dumb question, but aren't the Sky One Touch tops integrated with the body? How would you even go about trading that? It looks like you would have to remove a pretty huge portion of the exterior body.
  15. Rugged Ridge Brake Light Ring Splice/Y-connection?

    Oh I don't disagree, but it's my wife's baby, so what she says goes. :)
  16. Rugged Ridge Brake Light Ring Splice/Y-connection?

    Thanks man! Yea we don't (currently) have any plans to go up in tire size, so there's no need for us to pull the factory light out entirely.
  17. Rugged Ridge Brake Light Ring Splice/Y-connection?

    My wife and I were installing a Rugged Ridge brake light ring this evening, and realized that the instructions are to just bypass the OEM brake light above the spare tire. I saw that Quadratec used to sell a Y-connector to power both of them, but it looks like they're no longer available... :(...
  18. Captions please...

    Eh, I dunno. It's easy to shit on other people's choices, but I'm kind of over the whole judging people for what they do with their time and money. Would I drive it? No. But if it makes him/her/them happy, what the hell do I care? I have better things to concern myself with.
  19. Just wrecked my jeep!

    You're a far nicer person than I am. Maybe working for an insurance company for 5 years jaded me, but I've seen way too many people do reckless shit like this and walk away without so much as a slap on the wrist because the person they hit decided to go easy on them for any number of reasons...