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  1. Brake pad sensors

    Hello, I have a 2020 JLUR 3.6L non etorque. Just want to ask if my jeep or JLUR in general have low brake pad sensor. Thank you.
  2. Teraflex Transit mud flaps reviews?

    Hello friends, Been thinking of getting some mud flaps for my 2020 JLUR with Mopar Rocksliders. Im considering the Rockblokz XL but Im very intrigued by the Teraflex Transit mud flaps. Anyone tried them on or has any opinion in the Transit? Teraflex Transit mud flaps Thanks!
  3. FOX 2.5 or Old Man Emu Ome BP51

    Hello friends, Im in the final stages of deciding for my lift kit for the 2020 JLUR. I have narrowed it down to 2 options.. Fox 2.5 or OME BP51 for the shocks. Need your advice which one will be best for the JLUR. Daily drive but weekend warrior to medium-advanced trail. Im looking at 3.5...
  4. Off roading / Overlanding movie

    Anyone know a good movie about off roading or overlanding? Doesnt necessariy have to be a Jeep starring role but that would be awesome if it is..
  5. Sky One Touch Top / Power top through car wash with rolling brushes?

    Hello friends. Those who have the Sky one touch roof, have you ever taken your JL thru a carwash? Not the touchless one but the ones with the rolling brushes? Is it even advisable to go thru this kind of carwash? Thanks.
  6. Please help with Warn Zeon Platinum winch

    Hello everyone. I need some expert advice on this Warn winch. I just got this afternoon a Zeon Platinum 10S and upon opening the box, I found some oil leaking on the gear side. It this something I should be worried about? Please see the attached pictures. Thank you for your insights.