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  1. Pennsylvania Hardtop Dolly - $100

    Still available if anyone is interested!
  2. Are the Gladiator guys supposed to wave? (cause they don't at me)

    ^ right here...honestly though all of the Gladiators around me that I have seen wave and I wave back ✌
  3. Should you still buy?

    This literally sounds and reads terrible...unfortunately it is true. While there may be some percentage of Jeep owners out there that roll around stock you aren't going to find them on these forums. I had someone ask me the other day what these Jeeps go for - which I kindly replied with "are...
  4. Quadratec lost my business

    @Northridge4x4 this is your hint - don't drop the ball and stock up...we are coming for your goods 😂
  5. Redline Tuning Hood Struts - 5 minute Bolt-In installation!

    Just got done installing my @Redline Tuning Elite struts this afternoon and yes it was stupid easy - probably took me 10mins in total from start to finish. That included removing the OE factory hood brace and clip =) Only suggestion I would offer to make the install 'a little easier' is instead...
  6. Custom Hydro Dipped Topography Dash Panels

    Looks really cool! That steering wheel wanted to do it until I looked into what it took to install =) Looks like a great interior though and very personalized!
  7. Quadratec Customer Service Nightmare

    As a follow to my earlier 'complaint' - my order was eventually fulfilled despite being told multiple times that it was cancelled after being 'hung up in the website processing'. When the order was shipped I only got 1 of the 2 items. I reached out via the chat on the website and after waiting...
  8. Install XR fender flares

    Just got done with the install today - warm weather apparently motivates me to work on the Jeep =) Install was flawless by the walkthrough. My only hangup that really slowed me down was the rivet pins getting stuck in the rivet tool after they break off. I mean it's a cheap tool and does the...
  9. New Katzkin - Doeskin - NYC installer

    They cut mine off. At the end of the day I didn't really have a use for them but it seemed a shame to trash relatively brand new Rubicon leather seats. Once I saw the new seats installed I didn't even think twice about it haha =)
  10. Install XR fender flares

    Just got mine today from in the mail. Original estimate was 30 days got mine in just a hair over 2 weeks so I was pleasantly surprised. Sad that I forgot to order the rivets and rivet tool so that will get here Thursday now from Amazon. Will definitely share my thoughts and...
  11. Sunrider for Hardtop | Trail Report

    It's just EASIER to assemble on the ground/table and plop it onto the Jeep. Not sure why there is such a huge debate on how to assemble this thing lol...the one I had for my Jeep that I have since sold I assembled it on the table vs. the original assembly video (it just made more sense to me)...
  12. Pennsylvania Hardtop Dolly - $100

    I wouldn’t advise trying to handle the hardtop solo. Unless you are a power lifter and have no fear of breaking the glass in the process I wouldn’t try it :)
  13. Pennsylvania Hardtop Dolly - $100

    I put this together last year with the assistance of the forum guides out there. The entire dolly is covered in a thicker black padded material (sorta like wetsuit material). Casters are actually really good ones cause I just grabbed 4 at Home Depot and could have gotten away with much cheaper...
  14. handgun storage

    Just as a small note - if you have a 2021 Jeep JLU they don't have a version that fits yet but are working on one. Apparently Jeep made the console a tiny bit more shallow in 2021 and the current version of their console locker doesn't fit (found out the hard way). Lockrdown took great care of...
  15. Pennsylvania SUNRIDER FOR HARDTOP® 2018-2022 WRANGLER JL

    Can't believe this is still here - $600 still haven't opened the box 🤷‍♂️
  16. Install XR fender flares

    @brewski you are my hero - thanks for the writeup here. Bookmarked and will be back once mine arrive as well! JB
  17. Do I TRULY need a tire carrier for my 35" wheels?

    This is exactly why I got the actual hinge reinforcement rather than just the gate reinforcements. I made absolutely no sense to me to just replace the components that are on the back of the gate and doing nothing to reinforce the hinges/interior mount points (replaced the crappy factory pot...
  18. Do I TRULY need a tire carrier for my 35" wheels?

    Comes down to weight and capabilities of the hinge on the stock Jeep as someone else already pointed out. I put the Rugged Ridge hinge and Terraflex Alpha tire carrier - mostly for aesthetics but just for piece of mind if I go with 37's eventually. There isn't much aftermarket product on my Jeep...
  19. Quadratec Customer Service Nightmare

    Oof...4 pages of comments in this short a period of time almost all exclusively negative. I just tripped across this thread casually browsing the forums and unfortunately I find myself in the same boat as the rest of the people here. Ordered something stupid simple - two flashlight holders...
  20. Map Updates on special for $99?!?

    Hey to each their own here but Waze and Google Maps have all of the features and more that the built-in does not have honestly. $99 is probably a full tank of gas these days anyway so pick your poison where you want to dump your money. Not going to begrudge the person paying for updates that...