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  1. Dash Cam Wired with Aux Switch Function Question

    I received the Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 with the Parking Mode Cable for Christmas and finally wired it up today. I connected the Accessory wire of the PM cable assembly to the Ignition wire in the footwell and connected the Battery wire of the PM cable assembly to the Aux 4 switch wire. I set...
  2. Rock Lights as Courtesy/Approach Lights Installed

    I bought a set of the white Oracle 4 Pack Rock Lights and installed them as courtesy lights this weekend. Here are a few pics, comments, and lessons learned. It's a fairly simple mod for the hard core operators on this forum, but I know there are a few other folks interested in this mod, so...
  3. New Jeep Scooter

    Engadget: Jeep and Razor made an off-road electric scooter And the first forum question will be..."Can I put 10 inch tires on that without a lift?" :)