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  1. Texas Jeep Go Topless Event Results in more than 100 arrests/Officer in hospital.

    I have never heard anything good about this event. Too crowded, fights etc. I do want to check out Bolivar but will make sure to do it when this isn't taking place.
  2. Virginia OEM Rubicon LED DRL & Turn Signals - $100

    Interested, sent PM
  3. Casual Friday

    Glad my road trip to Colorado was last week! Concert at Red Rocks and went and spent a day on the Switzerland Trail area just outside Boulder. Not sure we would have as much fun with the weather you are getting this weekend.
  4. 67 Designs Phone Mount Review

    I just got the 67 Designs mount as well. I went back and forth between 67 and Bulletpoint. The thing that made me go with 67 is the phone mount. The 67 mount is universal for large and small phones and with Bulletpoint you need a different mount for larger phones such as iPhone Max Pro...
  5. 500 Mile Break in Oil change caused issues

    you are correct why it was changed at 500 miles may not be pertinent to the problem but as I stated I was curious as to why. A few people have answered that and now I have an understanding as to why.
  6. Dedicated Jeep Showrooms Are Coming

    Millsboro, DE, received a few tickets from Millsboro's finest when I was younger and traveling from Annapolis to Ocean City MD
  7. 2022 rubicon with 500 miles defect

    I would be standing in the service area of the dealer until someone gave me an answer to what is happening
  8. Gorilla Glass Windshield Broke After 4 Weeks

    yes but look at the specifications that have around size of the blemish
  9. Gorilla Glass Windshield Broke After 4 Weeks

    If it is just a small speck on the windshield it may not be covered. Here is what I downloaded from Mopar and it says blemishes smaller than a quarter are not covered. I would still raise hell and fight it. MOPAR WINDSHIELD MADE WITH CORNING GORILLA GLASS WARRANTY Mopar Windshield Made with...
  10. Dealer Service Issue

    He has the 4xe which I am fairly certain only comes in gas BUT the issues he is having have ZERO, nada, zilch to do with the oil change. The problems happened when a software update was initiated.
  11. 500 Mile Break in Oil change caused issues

    I am still curious as to why you would do an oil change at 500 miles, seems like a big waste of time and money. If Jeeps were using conventional oil I am sure someone could convince why it might be a good idea but not with the new synthetics. There are some manufacturers that have a...
  12. Missouri 2022 Wrangler OEM LED Tail lights

    Are these LED?
  13. Are the Gladiator guys supposed to wave? (cause they don't at me)

    I have a hard time getting waves from JL/JK/TJ owners. When I had my JKU several years ago everyone waved. Now, not so much. Seems weird to me
  14. 2019 JLUR on 37's without lift...? (temporarily)

    no experience with this but my 2 cents would be buy new TPMS, they aren't that expensive. To me it's not worth the risk of something going wrong with tires that big. Not going to much if any space left in those wheels with 37's on stock suspension.
  15. Dedicated Jeep Showrooms Are Coming

    Already have one that I know of TX. CDJR dealer built a stand alone Jeep Showroom next to existing dealership. Haven't been in though based on a previous bad experience with them.
  16. GMRS Kit. Thoughts?

    no hard at all to run front the back to the front. Get some trim tools from harbor Freight and it is easy. Took me about and hour the 1st time I did it
  17. Financing denied. Yo Yo or Spot Delivery

    I knew this about the tax and when I was buying my JLUR in March the dealer lowballed (way below book) the trade and then added in the $2600 tax savings on what they giving me and tried to convince that was a good deal. We went back and forth about it and I laughed. I ended up selling the car...