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  1. What is this?

    Use that QR code for info
  2. What happened to half doors?

    Just roll your windows down you get “almost” the same effect :CWL:
  3. Show Off Your Scenic Jeep Photos

    Mount Everest
  4. Fender liner recommendations after OEM fender tire melt

    Looking at the website they list the following about OE flares. Designed to work with trimmed OE flares and most aftermarket fenders
  5. Fender liner recommendations after OEM fender tire melt

    Looking at the website yeah they fit all trims and 2/4 door
  6. Fender liner recommendations after OEM fender tire melt

    Many options out there. I went with rugged ridge… not flashy with huge branding and ridiculous mesh vents like many of the other brands. Quality build and fitment was great.
  7. '22 Diesel Check In

    I find myself making up excuses just to drive… wife loves it because if she’s ever going to run an errand…. Don’t worry honey I got you covered. Lol
  8. Finally on 40’s

    Looks fantastic! Congrats
  9. Someone talk me out of going with the Sky One-Touch roof..

    I think generally you aren’t going to buy it unless you like the features/can live with the negatives. As such you would expect those that bought it to have an overwhelmingly positive response to it and those that didn’t to lean the other way. OP seems to want people to talk him out of it…...
  10. '22 Diesel Check In

    I think I got extremely lucky. From order to signing the papers it was about 8 weeks. 22 bright White JLURD
  11. Someone talk me out of going with the Sky One-Touch roof..

    It’s all been said already but it was a tough choice for me as well. I went with the painted hard top because the SOT is a pain in the ass to fully take off and who wants a full shell including the rear window still on when you go topless? Not me! Hard top can stay off the vast majority of the...
  12. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    got out into nature (tiger bay) with the rain last night there were some nice muddy trails to enjoy.
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Got the top lift pro in should make life a bit easier
  14. đź©´ Threedom Custom Key Lock Caps

    Bought a set. You should consider making some design for the ecodiesel
  15. Auxiliary reverse light

    3 inch cubes wired to the voswitch
  16. Gear change?

    What engine? Running 38s on diesel and no need for a regear.
  17. Cavfab VS TeraFlex Tire Carriers

    I second the teraflex.. install is super easy with the backup camera and 3rd brake light. It’s solid no rattle and it’s not a big bulky contraption like a lot of these other ones that can handle big tires.
  18. Diesel is at $6.29 in my hometown

    Facts… fuel economy’s is the last reason I bought a wrangler (diesel)
  19. JL paints that show swirls more than others?

    Go ceramic and wash with a hose and take a drive to dry lol
  20. Florida Orlando - OEM 2022 Rubicon Exterior Parts Takeoffs

    Hey all have some various parts I am getting rid of to free up garage space. If you need anything here DM me. I’m not going to say it’s all brand new… but it came off with under 50 miles on the jeep. Rubicon fenders + fender liners - $350 Front bumper - $100 Rubicon Rock rails - $100 Rubicon...