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  1. Negativity

    I thought battery terminals 🤦🏾‍♂️🥴
  2. Are us middle class Jeepers going to be (fuel) forcefully priced out of enjoying our Jeeps? [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS]

    i just cut back on my alcohol consumption, but prior to ordering my 2 door a few weeks ago i already decided this is my last gas powered vehicle
  3. High Velocity real life pictures?

    I look forward to seeing how you tie in the blue with the yellow. Did you do the black interior or the heritage tan?

    Hearing this makes me even more excited for my high velocity willys
  5. Sarge vs High Velocity

    high velocity with heritage tan i want mine to have a twin.
  6. My 2.0 rattle journey

    How was it leaving the Tigusn and going into the wrangler? I'll be leaving my 17 tiguan for my jl once it arrives in a few more weeks
  7. Dedicated Jeep Showrooms Are Coming

    Just like TXRubicon said this is probably more so for wagoneer people but I also think this is just another way for them the phase chrysler and dodge out. For some time now I didnt think they had any real legitimate interest in keeping them alive
  8. Beer / New & Favorites

    That mango is good one miss shiner bock
  9. Beer / New & Favorites

    I called myself being responsible...
  10. Beer / New & Favorites

    I almost got this one a a couple weeks ago but decided on another instead
  11. Beer / New & Favorites

    The corner store by place regularly gets strange one off beers. (One off as in what they'll carry) anyway came across this one here in southwest Detroit and its pretty tasty sorta makes me think of camping as a kid or the summers back in Missouri
  12. returning back to Jeep

    Put in my order today for a high velocity willys kept thinking about yours and others on here appreciate yall☺
  13. Custom Hydro Dipped Topography Dash Panels

    I love the aesthetic 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
  14. What is this in/on my Wrangler JL

    Look like one them silly alarm things the dealer will put in the vehicles to up charge people

    It looks amazing in this light makes me think of summer ☺☺☺☺☺
  16. returning back to Jeep

    This is part of the research just getting other points of view before pulling the trigger Saturday
  17. It's a Jeep, not a "car".

    reminds me of the Jeep Varsity concept from some time ago. always found it interesting
  18. Liqui moly ceratec???

    I used liquimoly in my MK7 Golf a couple times versus the recommended Castrol from Volkswagen. For me in my 1.8T I noticed no difference. Most my friends ran it in their GTI's and R's but they had tunes not sure if that necessarily mattered. But another had a GLI with out it and it felt smooth...
  19. returning back to Jeep

    Niceee how did you like the GTI? Miss cruising with my friends when I'd join em in my Golf did you have any mods on it?
  20. Beer / New & Favorites

    Can you taste the honey in this? I'm intrigued