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  1. North Carolina For Trade: Smittybilt SRC Gen 2 Front and Rear Bumpers for OEM Steel Bumpers

    Probably a long shot, but throwing this out there anyway. I need to get my Jeep back closer to stock so wanted to see if anyone would be interested in an even trade. Bumpers are in excellent condition and looking for OEM ones that are in similar condition. Located in Wake Forest, NC. If...
  2. Moose Knuckle Jowl Shackle

    Thoughts on this design? The only video I could find of it in use was on TikTok. (attached at the bottom)
  3. North Carolina Sold: Vice Design Universal / Smittybilt Winch Control Box Relocation Kit

    Full details here: I purchased this kit to relocate my winch control box under the hood, but ended up not doing it. Should work with any Smittybilt winch (and maybe...
  4. Rare Find - Jeep CJ Wrangler Unlimited Raptor

    I’m visiting my dad in Uruguay and spotted this concept vehicle from Argentina.
  5. North Carolina Sold: Bestop Sunrider for Hard Top - Premium Twill

    Bestop Sunrider for Hard Top. Premium twill material. Loved it, but going in a different direction with my setup. Like new condition. This was installed on the Jeep for less than a month and was garage stored. I do have the original box as well, but shipping costs would probably be pretty...
  6. North Carolina Sold: Set of 2 Mopar Front Grab Handles

    $30 shipped to continental US
  7. North Carolina Sold: Set of 6 Rugged Ridge Paracord Grab Handles

    Includes 4 roll bar handles for front and rear, and also 2 grab handles for front seat backs. $50 shipped to the continental US
  8. 2 Door Roll Bar Pads - Koverz

    I know there was another thread about these, but I can’t find it now. Maybe it was removed? Anyway, when I pre-preordered it had an estimate of March 2022. They must be way ahead of schedule because I just got my ship notification this morning...
  9. North Carolina Sold: Mopar JL 4 Door All Weather Floor Mats

    I have a mis-matched set of mats for sale. The rear mats are brand new and never used, with the red logo. The front pair are used and have the black logo. $75 + actual shipping costs
  10. North Carolina Sold: JL 2 Door Mopar Soft Top Part #82215806AB

    Excellent condition. Includes all hardware and a storage bag for side and rear panels. $600
  11. North Carolina JL 2 Door Red Spiderwebshade

    Excellent condition. $60 Shipped to the continental USA.
  12. North Carolina Sold: Want to Buy: 2 Door Wrangler JL Mopar OEM Rock Rails

    Looking for a set in NC, SC, VA. Will pick up.
  13. North Carolina Delete

  14. Mountain Off-Road (M.O.R.E.) Order Experience?

    Has anyone ordered anything from MORE recently and received the item? I ordered a 2 Door JL skid plate in red (which can add a few days to the ship time based on the web site) back on 8/18. I haven’t received any updates and have been unable to get a response from them via phone nor email...
  15. North Carolina Sold: For Sale: Tuffy Tailgate Box for JL or JLU

    Excellent condition. Only a few months old. I decided to go with a full trunk enclosure to replace it. $150 local pickup only. Wake Forest, NC Willing to travel a reasonable distance to meet.
  16. Soft Top Folding Issue

    This question is mainly for 2 door owners, since the tops are not exactly the same, but curious to hear from all owners as well. When you fold your top down into the Sun Rider position, do you manually adjust the folds on the sides to smooth them out? Based on my understanding, and following...
  17. Topless and Doorless Ford Explorer Spy Shot

    More completion for Jeep. Even has fully removable windshield.
  18. North Carolina Sold: For Sale: CMM Carolina Metal Masters Mirrors with Extras

    Turns out I don’t enjoy driving with the doors off as much as I thought I would. Like new condition. Includes 1” balls (RAM Mount compatible) for both sides. Also including hard shell storage case for the mirrors when they aren’t in use, and some plastic plugs I sourced to fill the holes if...
  19. North Carolina Sold: For Sale: Carplay2Air

    Like new condition. $100 shipped to the continental US.