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  1. '22 Rubicons pulled from Ordering System

    Just another light to go off on the dash to bring to the dealer. That way you you get the "waiting room report" from the service guy. "We fixed the EBT BUT FOUND you need etc,etc,etc,. So you leave sad, broke, and thinking about that 23 that just came out:devil::devil::devil::devil::devil::devil:
  2. 2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

    The dream!!...flying up the Rockies @ 60 mph w/out reving 5000 rpms .Jeepers biggest criticism was the front fender flare lights. Other than that the 2.0 was hauling ass up sand dunes and outperforming the JKU with 35s. Tech will go forever, we will not. Buy smart & dont fall into "heard...
  3. My 2.0 rattle journey

    The diesel does the same, the 392 also. they all have quirks. top down, music up, can you even hear the engine? Waht bothered me the most when I had a willy edition gladiator was the sound the MTs made.
  4. '22 Rubicons pulled from Ordering System

    Probably the New grill, uconnect 5. Engine choice will be in interesting. I would go w/ diesel if you didnt have to put detergent next to the gas. Its like that feeling of running out of fabric softner.
  5. Negativity

    We are fixated on the LOOK of rubber. I love 33s & 17 rims. I also loved watching Bigfoot smash cars @ MSG back in the 80's. If you're not a crawler is it really worth making ur rig drive even shittier?
  6. Is it just me or are current Wrangler buyers different…[CLOSED DUE TO INSULTING BEHAVIOR]

    I think it was more of a Mall crawling fad that died out. Performance was lacking on 80% of them because people never regeared. I know this because there are countless posts on wrangler forum & jl forum that say their jeeo runs fine on 35's and stock gears
  7. In need of some help with some important questions to be answered from a future Jeep owner.

    392 all the way! If 25K xtra doesnt hurt you. 2.0 is fine. 35s will change the drive in any jeep you buy. if u want looks get a sport and slap on mall crawling parade float tires. otherwise 33s are really nice looking tires matched with 17s. Other than boulders youll tear up anything so long as...
  8. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    She's in. Picking her up next week. select trak this time around. Up & down mountains to valley was getting annoying w/ constant changing conditions. However now im in FL which is the same in a way as it rains buckets.
  9. Lets say I am cancelling my Firecracker 392 XR... Hypothetically

    my 392 came in yesterday and I cancelled it due to a MUCH higher cost of living. So the $25,000 engine wasnt in my budget. However a standard wrangler is :)
  10. Can Anyone give a 0-60 acceleration on the High Tide?

    Looking into one and wonder what the acceleration is with the xr package. It says it has a limiter of 110 mph. Can anyone verify?
  11. 392 no longer available for 2022?

    Will every 392 owner be in envy over the refresh 392? . Its like watching yourself age. Happy with what you have but would be nice to refresh back to 25 years old.
  12. 392 no longer available for 2022?

    The inline 6 stats say you its about 1 mpg less than the current 392. So I thinking it wont change for 23. The way the weeks are shaping up doesnt look like the world wants to stay in the cold ditch. People are still pushing mask mandates. Teachers dont want to teach (half the year off isnt...
  13. Believe Nothing You Hear & Half What You See

    That was the old saying. Ever since the internet came about, now its become Believe everything you see, hear and read. So much so that you buy used cars from bubble f*ck and have them shipped w/out test driving. Generally speaking of most thread conversations including some of mine.
  14. 392 no longer available for 2022?

    Mine is supposed to be 3-4 weeks for delivery which would make it the usual time frame from order to dealer in 8-12 weeks. No options just standard except for headliner. Same torque, Same Horses. I wouldnt wait. But I can understand why everyone wants the warm and fuzzy warranty on the regear...
  15. 2021 Jeep Rubicon 392 first Vin and order, build and delivery tracking list

    Im guessing due to corporate responsibility. I would think they will use the new 6 hurricane.
  16. 2021 Jeep Rubicon 392 first Vin and order, build and delivery tracking list

    it would make no sense to continue to produce the 392 after this year. The reason behind the EV push is to save a planet from an IMMEDIATE meltdown (according to science). So why continue toproduce the largest gas guzzling machine after a couple of years. THIS IS YOUR FINAL BOARDING CALL for a...
  17. 392 no longer available for 2022?

    Or the 392's value will sky rocket. That will set the pace for the Hurricane engine and justify a higher price tag. If you missed out on the 392 they know you'll buy a hurricane. On the flip side China could invade taiwan, Russia could launch a Nuke, or Fauci could say lock down. Then nothing...
  18. EJS 2022: Jeep Rubicon 20th Anniversary Concept

    Earthy tones to compliment a desert sunset. Technology will live and grw forever, we wont, at least physically. One could go bankrupt keeping up. But I think finally with this 392 engine, we can stop chomping at the bit more. Or at least until I stop seeing people sitting in there cars in the...