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  1. Doors off rearview mirrors

    It’s that time of year. I’ve taken the tops off all of my Jeeps, bit not the doors since the YJ. I gotta have mirrors. Just can’t drive without them. So, I’m down to CMM or Kickbax. They both have a similar mirror head, so it's more about the mounting. I don’t like vibration. I know there are...
  2. No auto park with the top off

    I noticed this yesterday. I was in the driveway and out of curiosity I opened the door before coming to a complete stop. Nothing nappened, so I checked bot forward and reverse, auto park never engaged. So, I have to wonder if there is a way to defeat it through the hardtop wiring harness. Have...
  3. It pays to watch Craigslist

    I’ve been looking for one of these for awhile and finally found one before it sold. TopLift Pro in nearly new condition. Drove 90 miles to get it, but worth it, at half off retail. I would use it today, but there’s rain in the forecast. Finally, I can remove it myself without having to worry...
  4. Dusty trails. Let’s see some dusty Jeeps

    Took a little Hill Country ride today. Found a a few dusty trails to ride.
  5. Anyone ever watch this guy’s videos?

    I stumbled across this and thought it was pretty cool. Don’t know how many Tonkas I abused in my youth. Kinda cool to see them resurrected. I still have my Tonka CJ3B, BTW
  6. Some interesting news from the local Jeep dealer

    Work took me to the local Jeep dealer today. I stopped to look at one very similar to mine and started a conversation with a salesman. He said that they have 2 dealers and that Jeep is requiring them to build stand alone, Jeep only dealers. No more combination dealers, not just showrooms. I...
  7. Looks like they want to close a lot of San Juan area trails, including Black Bear Road. [Update: This is Incorrect]

    Don't know what the people in that area think about this. That's a lot of summer tourism money there.
  8. Interesting article

    How bad are Wranglers really? You hear or read all of the QC issues, the warranty issues, etc. We know that he dealer service departments are hit and miss, but that's not in Jeep's control, as dealers are independent franchises...
  9. I want another motorcycle

    Sold my Road Glide last year. Liked a lot about it, but hated it on anything but a smooth road. The bikes before it were a Suzuki VStrom 1000 and a BMW R1200GS. I really prefer the adventure type of bike due to the soft ride, height and they handle surprisingly well. Thinking of going back to a...
  10. Post your local gas/fuel prices [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    It seems like eveything is going up at an incredible rate. Gas is something we all have to buy every few days. Some of you may also be planning trips and would like an idea of prices in other areas. San Antonio, TX.
  11. 315/70R17 BFG At KO2s

    Since the introduction of the XR models, there seems to be confusion or misinformation about how tall they are. They spec at 34.4”. Most 35x12.50s spec at 34.5”, so the height difference is imperceptible. I have a mounted set in my garage on 17x8.5” wheels and a set on my F150. Unloaded...
  12. Well, that didn't take long. Solid axle swap on Bronco

    Considering that Ford hasn't even fulfilled initial orders, much less met retail demand. Someone has already done an SAS to the Bronco.
  13. With fewer 2 door options, would you consider a Bronco?

    I’m noticing that less and less options/packages are available for the 2 door. It became evident today when the Willys XR was revealed. There is not a 2 door option. To be fair, the details were just released and 2 doors could possibly be produced in the future. Same goes for the Rubicon XR...
  14. What else do you drive?

    So, I've noticed that many guys here are posting about Jeeps that are the wife's and it makes me wonder...What do those guys drive everyday? And for the rest, if your Jeep isn't your sole method of transportation, what else is in the garage out out in the driveway? I'll start. My Wife has a...
  15. Just gonna post this to see the comments it gets

    Saw this for sale on the local Craigslist. To me it's ridiculous. Let the comments begin!
  16. Jeep Wave donation

    I’ve been thinking about this for awhile. I will never use my Wave benefits and I know many of you never will either. However, there are those who really could. Disabled veterans, others with disabilities etc. There should be a way that we can donate our wave benefits to those who really need...