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  1. Spare tire carrier - need to reinforce with 35” ?

    I’m about to get some 35’s (ordered). Is it needed or a good idea to get the Mopar tailgate reinforcement kit? The XR package comes with it so thinking it’s probably not a bad idea… Thoughts or experience with a stock tailgate and 35” spare?
  2. Continental TPMS

    Just got these from BAM. I have a ‘22 JLUR. Making sure they are the Conti version… Pretty sure they are.
  3. 315/70R17 - real world size for various brands?

    For 315/70R17s... Which brand comes out the largest in real world? Which brand is the smallest? Is a BFG KO2 smaller/bigger than a Toyo Open Country AT/III ? How about vs Falken Wildpeak AT3? Or a M/T Baja Boss? Nitto Ridge Grappler? etc...
  4. Mopar Spring P/Ns - Corresponding spring rate chart??

    Does anyone have a list of the Mopar factory spring part numbers (P/Ns) correlated to spring rate and maybe even free length?
  5. Steel bumpers front/rear - Smittybilt XRC vs Warn Elite?

    Debating and narrowed it down to these two. Smittybilt XRC and Warn Elite. I see good reviews and good fit-up for the Smittybilt stuff both on Quadratec and 4WP. Warn Elite stuff looks great. Covers and wraps around the corners really well. License plate brackets looks well sorted with the...
  6. JL Mopar Hitch - which receiver?

    I'm seeing 2 different receivers listed in the Mopar parts online catalog... - 68240905AA - 68251844AB Does anyone know the differences between these 2?
  7. Rock slider w/ step feature advice needed for JLUR

    Looking for the most 'OEM' looking rock slider that has a step feature. By 'OEM looking' I mean styled like the JLUR factory rock slider. Open to maybe something tubular if it covers the pinch seem. ROAM looked like a good option, but they seem to be out of stock and haven't answered my email...
  8. 2-dr cargo area length w/ back seat removed?

    Could anyone please provide the length of the rear cargo area in a JL 2-dr with the seats removed?
  9. LED Lighting Group on a Rubicon - worth it?

    Curious for those that have it, or tried both in similar night driving conditions: is the LED Lighting Group worth it on a Rubicon? I see many that go aftermarket LED bulbs instead. $1500 isn't cheap, and I hear it might be a build constraint due to chip shortages... but that's hear-say.