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  1. Mopar Perforamance Slider questions.

    I've had Mopar's for a few years and have one complaint about them: rocks constantly get stuck between the rail and body. I've had to stand on the rails while someone removes the rocks. These rocks can cause paint chips and probably damage to the body if a rock gets stuck and vehicle weight is...
  2. Florida Sold: Brand new Staun Tire Deflators

    Selling brand new Staun tire deflators. These are adjustable from 6-30psi. Asking $80 shipped to contiguous United States, I accept PayPal.
  3. Rubicon Poll - Have you had problems with your locker sensors

    Voted, "Never had problem, and have over 15k miles on Jeep" but I did pot both sensors shortly over 15k miles.
  4. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    Correct, when locked in 2H or 4H the locker icon on the dash would not illuminate. If you opened OffRoad Pages it would show locker status. This was only when using the Tazer button maps. In 4L everything worked as usual.
  5. Firmware 11.2.7 + 11.2.8

    We were finally was able to update a Tazer to 11.2.8 and happy to report: -Lockers are now working consistently! However the locker gauge cluster icon does not illuminate when locked and the locker buttons do not light up either. Locker buttons do not work in 4H or 2H; you'll need to use the...
  6. Would you switch to a jt?? Why, or why not?

    6.5'+ beds are more useful to me than a 5' with tailgate extender. I prefer 8' beds honestly.
  7. Would you switch to a jt?? Why, or why not?

    Yep they did miss the mark for people who actually need and use a pickup. Today I saw another JT with an empty bed, but it had a hitch mounted bicycle carrier with two bikes on it lol. Nah Jeep doesn't have to shut down JT production; I'll spend my money elsewhere.
  8. Would you switch to a jt?? Why, or why not?

    A foot difference doesn't matter to me, it's still worthless as a truck. Putting the tailgate down doesn't help much at all when you're hauling stuff that can slide out. Hell the Jeep Comanche pickups with a short bed have a longer and wider bed than the JT. Yeah, a compact pickup made 30 years...
  9. Would you switch to a jt?? Why, or why not?

    No I would not get rid of my JL for a JT. The 4' bed is worthless for me (and funny enough I see plenty of JT's with hitch attachments because the bed is too small) and the overall length is a killer to me. Remove the rear doors and replace with an extra 2' of bed and I'd add that JT to my...
  10. Tread Lightly in Ocala, FL

    Bring a tow strap and/or a kinetic strap as I've recovered plenty of 2WD vehicles stuck in Ocala. If you're looking for more info on the trail checkout
  11. Reminder: 5 quarts of oil to avoid oil overfill

    The oil pressure goes to 70psi once over 3000RPMs.
  12. Typical jeep owner aside, there is just no reason for people to own a Jeep Wrangler

    Most Wrangler owners I know don't take the top or doors off, or go off-road, or deal with snow climates. So in a way I have no idea why they bought a Wrangler to begin with.
  13. Rubicon vs. Sahara + Half Doors

    For your situation get the Sahara for sure.
  14. MSRP keeps going up, up, up!

    The price went up at least twice for 2018s. I remember waiting for the order banks to open for two door Wranglers and Mojito paint. When the two door order banks opened, the price was increased. Then when I could finally order Mojito the price went up again.
  15. Florida Off-Roading

    In general FL trails are tame except for mud. Citrus Wildlife Management Area and Ocala National Forest are the top two places in FL. Richloam Wildlife Management Area and Big Cypress/Everglades are swamps if you like to deal with mud and water. If you go to Big Cypress you'll need to schedule...
  16. Question about 11.2.6 beta

    How would brake lock help change or rotate wheels vs being in park and/or parking brake on? Not being an asshole, just curious.
  17. Factory Half Door Installation Video For JL / JLU / JT

    Wonder why they didn't incorporate the door hold like the full doors? Still cannot wait to order the doors!
  18. Florida Off-Roading has some easy trails listed for Ocala. Ocala is mainly for ATVs, dirtbikes, and UTVs so if you go off the main trails they get very tight and scratchy.