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  1. Wouxun KG 1000 G in stock???

    I did. It’s a pretty big base unit and I didn’t see a solid way to mount it let alone get underneath there to screw it in place. For now It will probably live in the glove box.
  2. Wouxun KG 1000 G in stock???

    I saw that in another post. That’s what I had pictured in my head all along but I’m jus y having a hard time finding somewhere to mount the base unit.
  3. Wouxun KG 1000 G in stock???

    I’m curious to know where y’all are going to mount the base unit as well. Mines been sitting in the box since November and finally decided to get around installing it. I want the head unit above the windshield, but can’t find a good location for the base unit. Ideally behind the glove box but...
  4. Comparing GMRS radios

    Not yet. I’m the middle of moving and haven’t had the chance to yet. I’ll post pictures when I do.
  5. Comparing GMRS radios

    This is why I ordered the Wouxon. The detachable faceplate and 50 watts is what sold me. I didn’t want the entire unit taking up up a lot of room, so having the ability to mount the faceplate on the dash and not be entirely in your face was a big plus. If someone else had a detached...
  6. Underhood Wiring Brackets - Gauging Interest

    The red paint looks like a perfect match! Thanks guys for the feedback! Glad you like them. Although it took me a lot longer than expected I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.
  7. Underhood Wiring Brackets - Gauging Interest

    Yup, I got you! I'll message you Sunday when I'm home from Vacation.
  8. Underhood Wiring Brackets - Gauging Interest

    All the brackets are complete but I'm slowly shipping these out a few at a time so I can keep track of everyone's order. I won't be able to get any more shipped out this week since I'm going on vacation but will be able to resume shipping next week. I'll be reaching out to people for payment...
  9. Giveaway!!! KC all NEW Cyclone V2 LED 6-Light ROCK LIGHT KIT

    I call dibs!! Definitely want the clears.
  10. Underhood Wiring Brackets - Gauging Interest

    Yup, I've got yours ready to go. I'll text you tomorrow if you're around.
  11. Underhood Wiring Brackets - Gauging Interest

    So Heimker has the very first bracket. He's one of the few people that just ordered the ground bus bar bracket. I have a few more people to contact for payment and address who ordered just the ground bus bracket. For those of you waiting on both brackets, I just need to make it over to my...
  12. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Hahahah spurlywerkes. Thanks for the good feedback. I'm working on finishing up the rock light brackets for everyone that ordered both sets. I just need to make it over to my buddies shop to use his welder.
  13. Underhood Wiring Brackets - Gauging Interest

    I think I underestimated the amount of time it was going to take me to put these all together. Got all the brackets bent, now cleaning them up with my die grinder because there are grinder marks from the shop where they cleaned up the edges. My little pancake compressor is really struggling to...
  14. Underhood Wiring Brackets - Gauging Interest

    Good news everyone! Brackets were cut out last week when I was on vacation so I picked them up yesterday. I'm working on bending them all into shape this week so hopefully I can get them all complete soon hopefully.
  15. KC HiLiTES Is Officially Joining The JL Wranglers Forum Community

    Welcome! Absolutely love my 8 Cyclone rock lights.
  16. CavFab JL / JLU Elite Series HD Tire Carrier

    Can I please get some help with my tire carrier? No matter what I do, I can not get it adjusted to sit above the striker with no spare mounted. As soon as I mount my 35"/beadlock it sags almost a 1/4 below the striker. I don't know if I'll ever be able to upgrade to a 37" because how much it...
  17. Shrockworks or Lod Signature

    Thanks. Those look really good. Do they cover the pinch seam well? I might have to cancel my order with Quadratec for the Rusty's Offroad sliders and order these.
  18. Rusty's vs Metalcloak sliders

    I ordered the Rusty's Kicker sliders as well and they've been on order since March. I'm thinking about canceling them and looking at something different. However, I don't think the Rusty's would get in the way of any long arm kit since they don't bolt to the frame rails, just the body mounts...
  19. Shrockworks or Lod Signature

    I still have Rusty's Offroad Sliders on order but have been thinking about canceling it. (Been on order since March). Do you have any additional pictures of the Shrockworks mounts and a picture of the Jeep from the side? I wish Shrockworks had more pictures on their site.
  20. Dynatrac Ball Joint Vertical play

    Well this is upsetting. I just installed Dynatrac Ball Joints this week. Hopefully they last a little longer.