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  1. Hard Top Wiring Kit - 2021 JLU

    Thats the kit. It took my dealer a matter of hours to do. Obviously, get quotes. I paid a couple hundred bucks total. They ran the water line to the rear, the power for the wiper, installed the new stalk and she was good to go. The info in the jeep system showed I had added the dual top group...
  2. Factory Soft Top negatives?

    I have to disagree. I have run my 4 JL soft tops like this for years and thousands of miles. Nothing has happened to the top or the jeep. It doesn't flop around and releasing the frame from the track is very simple.
  3. Factory Soft Top negatives?

    Looks better imo. Lays there like the Previous 3 generations.
  4. Factory Soft Top negatives?

    Why don’t you guys take your top frame out of the track once you have it pulled back?
  5. Factory Soft Top negatives?

    I have not experienced any flapping at any speed with 4 JL premium tops on 4 different jeeps over 4 years. you may have a cull
  6. Catalytic converter stolen?

    One of our branches in FL, Tampa area, lost 9 CC in one night couple weeks ago.
  7. Tallish dudes: How do you set your seat?

    6'3. I have it all the way down and all the way back but set the recline to a somewhat upright position. I can see all the info on the screen between the gauges. I am good in it through whole tanks of fuel on long runs. I find it quite comfortable actually.
  8. Captions please...

    I wouldn't want to see it in town...have to uproot the fam again.
  9. Captions please...

    Only in FL. Def wouldn't want to drive that on the interstate.
  10. Drove a 392 today

    Started mine in the hotel parking lot last week in Dallas and set off the car alarm beside me. Can't say I didn't enjoy it.
  11. Approved changes to order not showing on build sheet

    I have had regional FCA rep change my order after the editing window had elapsed. The order came as I wanted with the edits and changes completed. I did not look at the build sheet for that particular order but the process worked.
  12. A

    I've done it. I did 3/4 spacers all around on the molar 2". I added the geo correction brackets and it was good to go.
  13. XR comparison to non-XR Rubicons

    Chapman in PA. And I’d get the XR on a standard Rubi 100%.
  14. XR comparison to non-XR Rubicons

    1. Steering noticeably tighter but has loosened up some. 2. I only do slow and dry. Seems more compliant to me than standard JLUR. I liked the shocks on the standard 392 better on road. But for easy off roading I have no preference. 3. My XR is 392 and it is definitely quicker than the standard...
  15. Going to pick up my Jeep tomorrow. Any tips?

    We had to do some serious arrangement and repacking but I got my 1/2 doors and my son home when we picked up in December.
  16. Trails in and around Bexar county

    Anyone know of any trails around the SA area for some light wheeling and picnic with the family kind of action? Thanks
  17. Looking for input from anyone who has driven the 3.0 and the 392

    The Clayton bypass comes to mind. It’s hilly similar to western NC before you get into the mountains.
  18. Looking for input from anyone who has driven the 3.0 and the 392

    The 392 (non-XR) on 35's did drop into 7th on the NC freeway hills quite a bit. It was fine though.
  19. How was your 392 insurance premiums?

    Just moved to SA, TX and my rates more than doubled compared to NC. Might have to rethink my vehicle choices. Went from $900 every 6 months on everything to $2200. Prob going to shop that around. I am in the middle of a claim unfortunately.