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  1. Return to center steering not as fluid because solid axle?

    You can usually fix this by adding "Caster" (not camber) using adjustable control arms. Lengthening the front lower control arms is the usual method. In my opinion, the factory sets caster too low, and adding a half degree additional caster would help return to center greatly.
  2. How’s your ride on 37s?

    The ring gear is of a fixed size, so to increase the ratio between the pinion and ring gear, the pinion must be made smaller (reduced teeth) making it weaker.
  3. Storing Jeep for Months

    Good advice on this thread already. I have stored a couple cars every winter for almost 30 years now, and never had an issue. I do everything mentioned by JMonroe and SecondTJ. The only thing additional I do, is when spring comes, I don't want it to fire up immediately, so make sure the...
  4. How’s your ride on 37s?

    That is why I am sticking with the 4.10 gear with it's much stronger pinion teeth. With the 8 speed auto and super low first gear, there really is no need for 5.13. As far as tire weight goes, I'm not concerned about that. I have a 2003 TJ Rubicon with stock axles, and 35" tires that was...
  5. How’s your ride on 37s?

    Mopar 2" lift, 8.5" wheels with 0" offset and 37" BFG KO2s at 26-27psi, with stock 4.10 gearing and the 8 speed auto. Love the ride. Would not change a thing.
  6. Using lockers in 4h with Tazer mini.

    lockers don't care if you are in high or low gear, they only care how much slip is in the surface your driving on. As long as the tires can slip on the surface when you turn, the drivetrain will not bind up, and no damage will be done.
  7. PSI for Bridgestone Dueler A/T tires?

    They are only $25-$50. Every toolbox should have one. Also, they will save you more in tire life than they cost, and can be used for many additional things.
  8. PSI for Bridgestone Dueler A/T tires?

    I doubt it, but do the chalk test or use a laser pyrometer and find out for sure.
  9. Winch choice Rating - 9,500 or 12,000 lbs ???

    I went 8k, on my JL, and 9.5k on my TJ. 12k is overkill for a 4.5k weight jeep.
  10. Did Jeep Officially "OK" 35s on Rubicons?

    I installed the Mopar 2" lift and 37" tires, and then took it to my dealership, and they certified the install IN WRITING that it was done correctly and would be fully covered under warranty.
  11. Diesel to have a lower towing capacity?

    That part about the charge air cooler is probably why you don't see the 2.0 turbo offered on the JT.
  12. Fuel mileage

    Wish I was getting that kind of milage. I am running 37" tires, and last tank only got 14 MPG. Hoping it gets better as it brakes in.
  13. Please Explain... Mopar Swing Gate Reinforcement

    Had mine on for a year now and no sign of any sag or movement of any kind. 37*12.5*17 with 4.5” backspacing.
  14. What PSI is everyone running?

    Same here for 37*12.5*17 BFG KO2s. Rides great.
  15. Rust Protection Standard?

    I just power wash the underside each spring and then touch it up with rustoleum spray paint. Have a TJ going on 16 years old and look great underneath. I live in Michigan, so lots of snow and salt.
  16. Storing Jeep for Winter

    I do not store the Jeep for winter, but for about the last 30 years, I have stored one sports car or another each winter, and these days all I do is put it on a trickle charger. I have not seen a tire flat spot since the early 90s. In the spring, I disconnect the coils or injectors to allow...
  17. Using Ethanol Free Gas = VROOM!

    Ethanol has less energy than pure gas. Simple as that. Ethanol just has more octane,so can make more power if under boost or in a condition or engine design where more octane is required. But if they are both rated at 87 octane, than that advantage is traded for other additives.
  18. Running in 4 Hi in the rain

    Same here. Love the KO2s in the rain, but they run best at lower pressure than what is posted on the door jam. Try taking 2 psi out and try that curve again to see it it helps. My JLUR liked 30 psi best stock, and now likes 26 psi on 37” KO2s.
  19. ESS Doesn’t work and No light.

    Perhaps the battery is still not fully charged, so it will not auto stop until then.