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  1. Any Memorial Day Deals

    Probably won’t know until next weekend. But I Imagine the usual “10% and free shipping” at most places. Probably some extra savings for military.
  2. Frisco CJDR Service - FYI

    Man thats a bummer to hear.
  3. Frisco CJDR Service - FYI

    @JABCAT we just need to get together and have a service day at one of our houses. Lol
  4. Frisco CJDR Service - FYI

    Dodge City in McKinney. I take it nowhere else. The only caveat to that, the service advisor who I used at DC moved to Frisco CDJR….. he was awesome. That being said, Dodge Cuty is great, and mod friendly. A word of caution: they are an independently owned dealer, so a bit smaller than the big...
  5. Uconnect 4C Navigation and additional GPS?

    Yeah the factory nav is garbage. gets outdated quickly and it really just sucks in general. Same could be said for just about any car nav when compared to a Garmin.
  6. AFE Dry Air Filters. Drop In.

    Got mine in today. I dont know why but it is a PITA to find just regular filters around me. This should do the job nicely.
  7. Remote start not working

    Remote start does not work id the doors are “off”.
  8. Had Plenty of Time to Think...

    Lol. Attention whores.
  9. Hood Lift Struts

    Nice video. I would give them a shot, basically the same thing, just a bit different install. Only thing I would do different is not remove the insulation and add some loctite the ball bolts.
  10. Remote start not working

    Quick update. I thoroughly went through each door harness and hardtop harness, with no luck. Nothing appears bent, some pins are missing but I dont know which ones come from the factory or not. I will have to take it to the dealer when I have some time off as this is my DD. I will update when I...
  11. Am I missing something? Steel bumper group complaints

    Yeah… your bumper sucks. Looks like the beginner high school welding club put it together with 1 hour left on their graduation assignment. But thats just my opinion. 😀
  12. Remote start not working

    Push button start, but yes everything else is normal.
  13. Remote start not working

    Taking it into the dealer tomorrow. None of the pins appear to be bent.
  14. Remote start not working

    I will check the pins today. I am pretty careful when connecting the harnesses. I Could have easily bent or broken one, would be the first time in 25 years of owning jeeps. I will update the thread when its resolved.
  15. Remote start not working

    It is under warranty, so a trip to the dealer will happen if I cant figure it out. I am going to pull the door harnesses and check tightness. Its weird that it doesn’t tell me I have a open door any other time. So it must be sensing that a door is “off”. But all the locks and windows work.
  16. Remote start not working

    I don’t believe so. No. Well, 99% sure. Lol. I was thinking a bent or broken pin. But I am pretty sure I have used the remote start since then.
  17. Remote start not working

    I have had the doors off before several times, not recently. No Jscan or tazer or anything. I have e torque so no aux battery.
  18. Remote start not working

    2021 JLUR, remote start bot working. Lights flash once and nothing. I do get a message on my dash the says “remote start canceled door open”. I have a full tank of gas, weather is in the 70s, all door have been Opened and slammed shut. I did forget to plug my hardtop harness back in after...
  19. "Carefully Check Your Surroundings" Won't go into gear!

    Thats why I didnt buy a Jeep with all the nanny safety shit on it.