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  1. High Tide JLU special edition photos from dealership lot

    The Sunrider comes separately in its box in the back of the Jeep.
  2. Florida Mopar JLU Half Doors w/Premium Uppers

    They were in Virginia, but they have been gone for a bit now.
  3. High Tide JLU special edition photos from dealership lot

    I wonder why does it have LED headlights and DRLs, but regular tailights? I thought the LED package included all 3 as well as fog lights?
  4. Door Lock Cylinder Removal?

    Unfortunately on those you have to pop the panel off and take them out the old fashioned way.
  5. Let's see those JL's rockin Half Doors! 2 & 4 doors

    Had a buddy come over to work on his JK and mentioned to me he saw them on Craigslist, 30 minutes from home. I emailed the guy and he answered while also lowering the price another $250 without me asking. Needless to say we temporarily abandoned my buddy’s JK for a road trip and came back a...
  6. Let's see those JL's rockin Half Doors! 2 & 4 doors

    I feel you, I kept saying the same thing until a set at a price I couldn’t refuse, already in the right color, fell into my lap.
  7. Florida Mopar JLU Half Doors w/Premium Uppers

    Those Snazzberry doors are about an hour from me, but we don't know each other so I don't think it helps, lol
  8. New KC slimlights Mopar side steps and lca’s & half doors on for summer!!

    2 door JLs look so good, especially with the half doors.
  9. Door Lock Cylinder Removal?

    Thanks for this, I just rekeyed my half doors, and the video made it super easy, especially the whole left and right tumbler as that was new for me. I've only ever done older cars where they have numbered tumblers.
  10. Could a State Ban Your JL because of Mods?

    Not to mention the clickbait video title screen of "They're taking my Jeep...". They are NOT taking his Jeep, only suspending his registration to drive it on the roads.
  11. Florida European rubicon hood

    Is this taller at the cowl like the JT Mojave and 392 hood, or same height? Also, it looks like the vents are different too?
  12. Virginia Lange door hangers

    I have 2 sets of Lange door hangers for sale. In good condition, I used them for years for my JK and LJ doors. Only selling because I switched to a new hanger setup to accommodate my JT half doors. Asking $25/set, or will do $40 if you want both. Pictures are door hangers removed, and in action...
  13. Virginia Sold: ARC door hangers

    I have 2 sets of ARC Door hangers for sale. One set was used for storing my LJ doors all summer, the other set is brand new in the box. Asking $25 on the new set, $20 for the used set, or $40 for both sets. Located in Front Royal but can meet in Northern Virginia during the week.
  14. RESOLVED: Help Needed: Half Door Proximity Doors Wiring Harness Part Number

    If it helps, I just bought a set of half doors from someone that had proximity and blind spot, I can get the VIN off the package and PM it to you.
  15. Virginia JCR Half Doors

    These are now sold
  16. Looks like Brad sold his

    Al of this right here. Like I mentioned in my reply earlier I have no hate at all for him, or any of them, it's just changed the tone of some of the videos/content, and I preferred the earlier stuff.
  17. Looks like Brad sold his

    Amen to this, people would be bored watching me pretty quick lol
  18. Looks like Brad sold his

    It's not hate at all, it was more a comment on the natural progression of how this works. If you see my reply above, I spelled that out.
  19. Looks like Brad sold his

    There is no hate at all, if you got that from my post then it was out of context. I was only describing the cycle it seems of YouTubers/social media folks in the current times. All 3 of the people listed I still watch, and if they can make a living from it then great for them! The one thing I’m...