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  1. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    How are you sitting on that hill without rolling down it?!
  2. What's the length of the load floor in the 4xe Load floor length

    Depends on where your front seats are. All they way forward? All the way back? In the middle?
  3. Did I make a good decision? Warn vs Smittybilt

    I'll add to the cover... especially living here in CO and the synthetic line. You want that covered and protected from the sun we get.
  4. Finally got to install my half doors — both doors were missing the lock set

    Yeah I would reach out to your dealership. That is the first I have seen where they did not come already installed.
  5. Remove Winch and Bumper Guard?

    Thats their choice and no one is stopping them. But I will still have my opinion.
  6. Remove Winch and Bumper Guard?

    A lifted Jeep doesn’t need a winch. Only keep it if you plan on going wheeling. Otherwise sell it and use the money towards something else. I hate when people buy stuff just to have it and have no need/intention to use it for it’s purpose. It’s literally a waste of money.
  7. 1.5” Lift/Level for JLUR on 35s?

    Yes there is. A couple actually.
  8. Lift vs spacer on rubicon.

    If you’re not wheeling HARD a spacer lift is perfectly fine. Save your money and use it towards other Jeep mods. Anyone saying to get a lift are likely the same people who don’t even use their Jeep and are still running MetalCloak and Rigid ditch lights etc. more about saying “I have this or...
  9. Anyone in Loveland, Colorado? got a few questions.

    I imagine it is for sure different owning a Jeep here versus NJ! Easier to take shortcuts over mountain passes here to get from A to B. And prettier too! I would highly recommend checking out Utah as well. Absolutely love it there. If we had visited there and CO around the same time we may have...
  10. Anyone in Loveland, Colorado? got a few questions.

    Make a couple visits to see what you like. Weather is great here too.
  11. Anyone in Loveland, Colorado? got a few questions.

    Got it. We moved here 4 years ago and housing has jumped about 15-20% in the last year alone. Everyone has different expectations of course. Renting a 2BR is going to be 2kish a month. Buying a home you are starting at minimum 300-400k for something ok. Anything slightly newer and nicer is going...
  12. Anyone in Loveland, Colorado? got a few questions.

    Checked out housing pricing at all? I have no clue on NJ, but housing here has sky rocketed in the last year. Tons to do. Hiking, off-roading, water sports etc. no matter the time of the year there is something to do.
  13. Anyone in Loveland, Colorado? got a few questions.

    Not in Loveland, but Denver Metro. Work bringing you here or just wanting a new environment?
  14. remove white lettering from KO2s

    If you off-road at all you'd lose the painted on stuff from rubbing on rocks and such. If you don't wheel at all then that would be best to just paint them.
  15. Quality/Safety Difference between Body Color and Plastic Hard Top

    I heard the body color hardtops use metal paint which increases structural rigidity by 312%.
  16. Emergency Nuts and bolts

    I'd never thought about it or considered it even. Too many different sizes to have one or more available if needed. That being said, I did lose a nut on the upper front sway bar sometime this past week while out on trails that I discovered yesterday. Which is odd as I checked and torqued...
  17. Transitioning from 2.5 inch lift to 3.5 inch

    I also have ran the AEV 2.5" DualSport lift on my JK and it rode great. Loaded down with about 300-400 lb additional with RTT and camping gear it still had no sag. I have no experience with the OME or MC lifts, but they are likely to run a little harsher, but likely not noticeable really.
  18. Transitioning from 2.5 inch lift to 3.5 inch

    I’d stick with a 2.5” lift that was made to handle heavy loads… MetalCloak, AEV, OME Heavy Duty. Keep the CoG low as possible. You can stil run those lifts as they’re designed to be fully loaded for the lift size specified. MC 2.5” lift unloaded (no winch, armor, HD bumpers etc.) is going to...
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Checkout Maximus-3.... Says they are available and made in America. Great company to work with.