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  1. Builds to minimize wandering steering?

    Like mentioned, if the lift is in the 2" range (like stock Rubicons) the longer Mopar lift LCAs are all you need. If you lift further get adjustable LCAs or consider aftermarket UCAs. Luckily curing these steering ills is quite simple, here's my install thread on Rubicon suspension to a...
  2. Rubicon take offs on our Sahara

    No, even w/ the LCA install, might have a steering wheel a bit off center but that's an easy DIY fix.
  3. Lifted 2 door JL Wrangler photos

    Sweet setup! Those wheels, wow they're sexy!
  4. '18 JL 2-Door Stretch Project

    That's great to hear, can't wait for the reveal!
  5. '18 JL 2-Door Stretch Project

    Those armor pieces look amazing, any eta on your electronics?
  6. Had a wreck - is this fixable?!?

    Crap! Hopefully you'll get a replacement soon, or at least be back in the market for one soon. Good luck!
  7. Lange Hoist a Top, Crank JL

    Yeah, I used all the fasteners that came w/ it, all has been good for a couple years now. Of course proper planning to make sure everything is properly supported is key, do that and I doubt you'd have any issues. One thing I had to keep in mind was allowing enough access to get to our attic...
  8. Negativity

    well they kinda are :)
  9. Negativity

    Man, you were doing so well w/ that post up until, darnit! We are the proud, the few, the 2 door-ers! We will not be ignored :)
  10. Rubicon Take off Question

    There's a few things you can do~ Run 315/70/17s, or the slightly smaller 285/75/17, just a bit shorter than a true 35 Get high clearance fenders such as the OEM Rubicon fenders, or the many aftermarket options Put a 3/4" spacer all around or at least in the front if you plan to get a...
  11. Rubicon Take off Question

    If you had some of the lower # springs I'd probably just go w/ the cloak, but you have some of the highest # springs so it would be worthwhile going that route if you want adequate lift for a 35.
  12. All Terrain Tires for Fuel Economy

    That's impressive mpg, I changed my driving habits and it helped quite a bit. I used to just get in my Jeep and drive, got about 19mpg avg going that route. I now use my avg mpg guage and start much smoother, easy on the gas and brakes, just keeping things more even keel going down the road w/...
  13. Rubicon Take off Question

    The longer spring in each pair goes on the passenger side, and here's my install thread if you need some info on that. FWIW you got some of the longest springs so should provide a good lift, also I'd get...
  14. CJLR - Retro inspired JLR

    Yeah, it's threads like yours that rekindles fun memories, so thanks for that kind sir!
  15. CJLR - Retro inspired JLR

    lol, sounds just like mine, a 401 out of a Cherokee and 35" ground hawgs, at least I put a disc brake kit in front so I could stop that thing in a straight line, had front shackle reversals to keep caster sane as well :) Sorry for the slight thread derail Kyle, but this is a CJ inspired thread...
  16. CJLR - Retro inspired JLR

    Mine was a 74 CJ5 w/ the 304 3 speed (although I added a T19 compound low Ford 4 speed later on). Yeah, we're old, but young at heart, right???
  17. All Terrain Tires for Fuel Economy

    Good options throughout this thread. Might just consider a set of Rubicon takeoffs if you can find some in your area. These typically sell for about 1/2 of what a new set of tires go for (at least from what I've seen on the marketplace here). One think to keep in mind is tread depth, IIRC the...
  18. CJLR - Retro inspired JLR

    Really diggin this thread, had to "watch" this one. You're putting all the right things in all the right places Kyle, sorry to hear about those doors/hinges but sounds like you're getting those handled. Keep on keepin on!
  19. Lange Hoist a Top, Crank JL

    I find the manual come a long easy to operate, haven't used the crank version, sounds like there may be some QC issues w/ that one but ???
  20. Did I make a good decision? Warn vs Smittybilt

    Maybe the moderator sells Warns on the side???