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  1. Pennsylvania Floor mats -$65

    Some floormats for sale that I purchased on amazon. Local pickup at 19608. $65 for all
  2. Pennsylvania Bestop Sunrider (premium version) $500

    UPS ground would be $73 plus a few extra bucks for a box for it. We’re only about 2.5 hours away if you want to meet up for it
  3. Pennsylvania Bestop Sunrider (premium version) $500

    Yup still have it. I can ship if you’re fine paying for the shipping. What’s your zip
  4. Pennsylvania Volant cold air intake (3.6) $145

    You’re in LA? I feel like that’d be really expensive for you. Let me know what it’s cost from 19608 and if you’d want me to
  5. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Lol yeah no thanks :CWL: really wish jeep would fix this issue, maybe when they do I’ll get one again. Mine never bubbled, but I’m officially at the one year mark and I’m processing my paperwork today to sell it
  6. Would you sell now or later

    Great to hear. They’ve been good to deal with for me as well. How long did it take you util they picked up your Jeep? They told me they’ll send my paperwork out to me on 2/14, if not earlier. I started the process about 2 weeks ago am expecting the entire process to be finished by end of February
  7. Would you sell now or later

    try a quote through They offered me $4,000 more than Vroom, and they send you your payment before they pick up the vehicle. They're giving me $10K more than i bought my jeep for, so im selling it to them lol
  8. Pennsylvania F/S Rough Country Cube Lights - $60

    just took those right now for you
  9. Pennsylvania F/S Rough Country Cube Lights - $60

    For sale are my RC cube lights, here's a link to them new These are the White with White DRL option. Comes with their wiring harness as well. I've had them for about 6...
  10. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    This was brought up and I think the consensus was that aluminum bolts wouldn’t be strong enough
  11. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    No issues to date, still applying fluid film around the hinges (on the bare, exposed metal on the door skin around the hinges). Jeep will only be a year old later this month tho. But so far so good. Just sucks cause fluid film leaves an ugly looking residue after it rains and the fluid film runs...
  12. Pennsylvania Mopar roof racks $275

    Bump. negotiable