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  1. EcoDiesel vs 4XE

    thats good DEF usage. You should see how much our HD trucks use. It’s cheap and readily available anywhere. Only thing I don’t like is how much plastic and cardboard waste there is to “save the environment“
  2. EcoDiesel vs 4XE

    I got $1000 on my diesel in 2x4 against a 4xe with the same size tires and gearing. In whatever mode with whatever charge
  3. Took the plunge. Ordered Green Diesel Tune.

    Is this with stock gearing and do you also have a throttle controller thing?
  4. EcoDiesel vs 4XE

    I use between 3 &4 2.5 gallon jugs per 10k miles
  5. 3.0 recall?

    It’s a software flash I’m scheduled for Tuesday
  6. TrailRecon drops the Diesel

    having pulled 12k with a half ton before I can say I would never ever do that again
  7. Green Diesel Tune

    they recalled the HD rams for them though I don’t know what they are doing to fix. Maybe that will happen for us too?
  8. Green Diesel Tune

    If I trusted the Bosch pump more I’d ✂ do some weight reduction. If prices keep climbing that mod would pay for itself
  9. Pump price shock - how high will it go [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS & VIOLATORS BANNED]

    that depends on the stations volume. I owned 14 gas stations 10 years ago. 4 of them took deliveries daily
  10. Pump price shock - how high will it go [CLOSED DUE TO POLITICS & VIOLATORS BANNED]

    well my model Y was a disaster before u get too much of a wild hair
  11. EcoDiesel is the right one!

    how do u like the copper AT3 XLTs? I don’t know how tall they are but they sure are light
  12. NACHO Wrangler JL Club

    id have to source the surrounding nacho pieces as well. My grill isn't multiple pieces like a rubicons. If I keep the diesel after the hurricane engine arrive, I plan to linex it. It’s already full of rock chips and the bed is already nice and messed up so I’ll have that done also along with...
  13. Why is the 8hp75 so downshift happy..

    What size tires and what gearing?
  14. Diesel catches fire while parked

    I wonder if they checked for gasoline left behind. insurance fraudsters ain’t too bright
  15. Jeep Wrangler Diesel Gets Canceled in 2022??

    put up with my sister for 22 years 😂
  16. Jeep Wrangler Diesel Gets Canceled in 2022??

    that 4.0 experience is very uncommon imo. My 16 year old nephew now has my 02 4L/3 speed auto I bought new. It’s had Rotella T 5w40 since the first oil chance and a mix of synthetic fluids everywhere else. Two radiators & water pumps and a head gasket has all its every had outside regular...
  17. Jeep Wrangler Diesel Gets Canceled in 2022??

    My local dealer has yet to see one single JL or JT diesel with issues. Source: I did their solar and have become really close with all the key people since. The 4xe hasn’t been as really per them