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  1. Anyone in Loveland, Colorado? got a few questions.

    I’m in Erie, about 20 minutes south of Loveland. There are TONS of trails man. You’re really close to the front range and there are some great trails there that vary from super easy (switzerland pass) to very challenging (Middle St Vrain)
  2. Sarge vs High Velocity

    ARRRGGGGHHHH! MY EYES!! I didn’t know you could set off a flash bang on an internet forum. Geez my night vision is gonna suck for hours. Holy Moley, I can actually hear that color and it’s LOUD! Personally Sarge Green is the best Jeep color, PERIOD But I might be a bit biased.
  3. When will 2023 order blanks open this year?

    This thread has existed for nearly a month and one made fun of "order blanks". I thought y'all were raised better.
  4. Jeep Igloo Playmate Coolers Collaboration Now Available

    Exactly. I’ve got much better stickers on my Yeti and am happy to rock it in my Jeep.
  5. What could go wrong at an oil change? You could get sued!

    In this country, you can sue just about anyone for anything. That doesn’t mean you’ll win. Sounds to me like MI tort laws are the real issue.
  6. The Sunrider for Hardtop is here!

    Yes on 1, no on 2. @Bestop was supposed to make a retractable screen that works with the sunrider for hardtop. They even showed off a working prototype back in 2018. But alas, they’ve never actually built it. The lack of a shade screen is the biggest drawback to the Sunrider for hardtop.
  7. General thoughts on ICE depreciation?

    I just read that article and I hope it is a case of bad writing. It says they’ll ban registrations by 2030. Soooo basically anyone that can’t afford one of these EXPENSIVE EVs is screwed. They’re basically giving the finger to anyone in a middle to lower income. If this covers commercial...
  8. Dog Harness or Tether Recommendations

    Thank you sir. I noticed those metal buckles, that’s why I wanted it. I have a chocolate lab myself but I’m getting the orange one so I have a better chance of spotting him when we’re in the mountains.
  9. Dog Harness or Tether Recommendations

    My brother, Im’ma gonna need a link to that.. 😁
  10. Door nets recommendations?

    I’m glad you quoted me on this. I didn’t know about Overland Outfitter’s door pockets. That seems to be a really good solution.
  11. Price Protected: Koons $8000 off Wrangler 392

    Ordering a TRX is so tempting.
  12. Idea for a retractable sunshade.

    No, I’ve been distracted by oth…. SQUIRREL!!
  13. SNEAKY: 2023 Wrangler grille previewed by 20th Anniversary Rubicon Concept??

    I don’t hate it but the current grille is a cleaner design IMO. The possible new design wouldn’t turn me off from Jeep but it doesn’t make me want it any more.
  14. EJS 2022: Jeep Wrangler Magneto 2.0 Concept

    Sounds about right. They really need to drop the transmission and transfer case. A dual motor setup would be better. Didn’t Magna start selling solid axles with electric motors?
  15. EJS 2022: Jeep D-Coder Concept by JPP

    This is the only concept I have zero love for. It’s a garish ruination of s perfectly good Jeep.
  16. EJS 2022: Jeep ’41 Concept

    Gotta love those steelies!
  17. EJS 2022: Jeep Rubicon 20th Anniversary Concept

    Hmmm, something tells me this is headed for production.
  18. Thinking of buying a new bumper

    I’ve got the Mopar 3pc Steel bumper and have never given anything else consideration. The removable wings and winch compatibility make it a no brainer for me. It was done right from the get go. Just look on the parts forum or Facebook marketplace. You may find a takeoff for a pretty decent price.
  19. Do I TRULY need a tire carrier for my 35" wheels?

    I had a 2018 Sport Unlimited with 35s. I didn’t put a reinforcement hinge or carrier on it. The only real issue is the tire may rub on your rear bumper a bit. That depends on the tire. However I did find that the rear door was a bit more difficult to close. My current jeep has 37s. I put a...